something to give ‚Varun’s school‘

Dear friends. It’s Christmas time. Here is a project to sponsor, if you like – maybe instead of Christmas presents….????

It’s a privat school here in Nepal. I met the principal and teacher yesterday. Varun Karan. He opened the school to bring good education to a very poor area. Especially he went to improve English skills but also more. The building is half ready. The ground is until now just dust. There are already 150 kids in 5 classes full time studying/+afternoon classes.

The tuition fee is only 250 to 450 Rupies (2.50 to 4.50 $ a month) per kid. If someone can’t pay, they just have to tell him….

I feel, I want to help him a bit with money, but I don’t have really. You can sent me money to my account and I will bring it personally there. Varun did not ask for that at all. I am just inspired by the energy he puts in there. And improvement is needed….


My account you find on Sponsoring or Kreissparkasse Steinfurt DE46 40351060 0077526473 (mention ‚Varuns school‘)


Thanks a lot



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Energy changes

Just after I uploaded my last articles I checked my bank account – oh, there was a donation made by a good friend of mine…. so great…. thanks…. so money worries are gone actually…. only have to find a bank with an ATM….. rare on the country side

Bruno and Susi, two Germans which I met on the highway, who had some trouble with there motor bike, changed 25 $, that’s a help for now.

Very enjoyable to walk through the jungle along the highway, who is not so busy during these days. So beautiful to feel the intact nature. One man said to me ‚this property on the other side belongs to the UNO‘, what I somehow don’t believe. I don’t think the UNO has no own property.

My sister and my mother communicated about my maybe intention to visit my mother next summer. Reacting to that, my mother sent me a voice message via whatsapp telling me: ‚you don’t need to come back to Germany because of me, I am fine…. please continue your journey and after you have completed it, then come back home….‘ In a following phone call I tell her about my idea to invite her to India (but she proparbly does not because of health circumstances)
Anyway I am touched, what she said on the voice message, that she could say it in this way, without any expectations, touched me for her… that she is so open…
I feel, this opens new doors to our relationship, so beautiful.

My knee is also getting better, 2 days ago. While walking I felt, that the meridian blog opened up….
Now I have two days rest…..

Thanks for anyone who supports me in whatever way on this peace walk journey……



30.11. around midday

I meet Utam. Utam comes along with his motorcycle and stops to offer me some help. A lift I don’t want, but, as I become more and more short on money I ask him to get me some roasted peanuts – and there was no stand like this earlier, too. But I have some order to make ‚Please do not use a plastic bag to get them‘ and I hand him a bag, used several times already. And he really does it and comes back after 20 min.

Utam workes since a bit then a year in Seattle and is for the first time back in Nepal for a holiday, seeing his family and girl friend. He got a special Visa for USA, there are 5-6.000 people from poor countries, who get the chance to work there. No special education needed for that. He makes sandwiches in a supermarket. As he speaks and understand English better than the most people here, he is the perfect one  to adress some questions .
‚Why are these dwells pumps arranged this high?‘ We are sitting in front of a shop and there is one of these pumps build on a upper cement block to reach by stairs – and I see some more of these today, too. He does not know and ask the shop keeper. ‚It’s because of high water, the near by river Rapti overflows sometimes in the monsun‘ Ah, that’s what I thought‘ but it’s still a bit crazy. So people have to get from there overflooded houses, swim to the construction, to pump water and get it how back to there drowned houses? Anyway….

I tell him from my experiences before ‚the forest‘ and on this side of it….. ‚What is the explanation?‘ … ‚People around Nepalgunj are not so well educated, I personally don’t like to go there, the city is so dirty‘.  I tell him about my mosquito experience and he clappes his hands to his forehaed. I continue ‚and I learned that there are a lot of tripe people, who proparbly lived in the forest before, which is gone now. These people lost there foundation in life, they have been forest people and now they have to cultivate farm land. When they lost they forest, they easily got depressed,  then because of that starting to drink alcohol, cigarettes and drugs….now I understand….‘

We come to animals and he explain’s, that they don’t produce butter here (which I miss). Later I contemplate while walking about this…. makes sence,  because lots of people don’t have a fridge and now is the ‚coolest‘ season at all, and still warm at daytime, and how to store butter in summer – no way….

I add: ‚people here have so many animals, buffalos and cows, goats and sheep’s, and they all have to be fed. If the people would agree to eat vegetarian or vegan, lots of farm field need not to be used, so some forest could come back….‘
‚There is only you in the world who thinks like you and I have the chance to meet you‘ Utam says….. ’no no there are so much more….‘

As he goes back to Seattle in 12 days I ask him if he could change my 45$. And he would love to do, but in the moment he is on the way to the bank (40 km) to also get some money. When he learns about my money situation and that I live from donations he is nearly desperate, that he can’t help me now, but he has only 35 Nepali Rupies (35 $cent) in his pocket and gives me all of it.

Some more things

A week ago I stayed with Mrigendra, Goma and son Ishan in Jhunga. Mrigendra told me that the whole area was forest before 30 or so years … now everything is farm land. I somehow feel this painful change during walking through the plain areas.
Ishan also warned me, ‚it’s dangerous to walk on the highway (a bit north) because there is a national park beside and some people have been attacked by tigers there. Luckily I choosed the south route along the Nepali-Indian border.

In Gulariya I meet three guys how all work with kids…. one in ‚after  birth control‘ pages by the government, one for a NGO who is active to fight against leprosy which is still around in this area. …. I tryed to find out how many people are still have leprosy in this area but he could not guess the number.

Here in the lower parts of Nepal live also a lot of different tribes…..  and I learn that the Indian government build some of this roads in the south… in the north of Nepal China builds some roads… both as a donation to help develop Nepal. Here in the south some of the roads are not totally finished, but main bridges are build and roads are somehow connected – and very often not paved.

30.11. in the morning

Dear friends,
walking towards Nepalganj somthing really nice happens,  the road is paved. No dust. What a different experience. So nice. Everything looks and feels more clean. Inside and outside. The whole atmosphere is so much more enjoyable.

And…. the beds have been clean for two days in a row.  So good. What an effect this has on my well-being.

In Nepalganj, I have a room close to a big temple. The puja is going on for hours. The really nice part in it is the bell ringing, in the evening as well then in the morning. Clear bell sounds. .. wonderful. …

My room has 40 or 50 mosquitoes. …. uuuuhhh….. there is no way to sleep exept of building a improvised mosquito protection by a big shawl (blanket) which I have with me. I position one side under a uplifted pillow, other side around the pillow where I lay on…. ventilator on….sure earplugs wearing .. … so I reduse the bites to a minimum of around ‚only‘ 10 that night. But I stay two nights…. exhausted.
Later I realize why there are so many of them, the grey water makes everywhere puddles….

I try to change my 45 $ in one of the banks in town…. they refuse to do it. All the banks tell me: ‚we can’t change, they look to old and there is a little drawing on the 5 $ note. Our central bank is not accepting any damaged bank note, even though it’s only a little damage’…..

I walked already 200 and a bit km when I continue my walk towards east. My left knee started hurting on the walk into town a very little and increased the pain a bit while resting. …. so I have to walk a bit mindful and careful…. I guess there is a meridian blocked and it feels like mussles and sinew are to lose….. It feels also like twisted a bit too, even though I did not. The pain is also little, I could it also call pre-pain, but I feel it.

After walking through a forest, suddenly everything is different. In the right sight some hills, on the left side I can guess some mountain siluettes. The fields are much greener. Somehow the people here are 2 weeks in front of the once before the forest. On the other side also so many fields are empty or on the way to be studded. Here the mustard does not flower anymore….. Somehow also a different consciousness…. different county/state?….. thats always so interesting when I walk, to see a ‚whatever change‘ happening in such a small area….
I stay with a nice family. The father, Ganesh, is a veterinarian,  the mother, Tulsa, has a shop for cosmetics. The 9 year old son Rohid wants to become a veterinarian, too. The 4 year old son Ranjid a pilot. Great. Seems this family can make it possible.
After a great meditation in the morning I have to walk nearly 2 km back, where Ganesh picked me up yesterday. Now the knee hurts even more. Now I can feel it with every step. … will see how that developes. … hmmmm

While I am writing this I wait for the food.  I had everything packed to leave, got an invitation for rice eating from Ganesh…. I thought, ok, seems to be ready soon….  but then the cooking process increased, presure cooker hissed, the son went to buy some potatoes….. In Nepal people eat also late in the evening, around 8 to 9, but yesterday a bit earlier, after it’s sleeping time…. because of that, stomach is still full in the morning…… and because school starts at 10am,  the families eat before school time…. But now it’s before school time, so it seems the food is ready soon…. hopefully….. but the kids went to school…. still waiting…. finally…. at a bit after 9.30am, but only because I asked…. The eating times don’t fit with my schedule and rhythm, in the evening it’s just to late, in the morning again to late, also because the winter days are short…. sun goes down at 5.30pm now…. smile

Anyway I could finish the blog article 😊😊😊

Its hard….

Hi friends,

It’s hard to walk in Nepal’s south…. So far I walked 180 km. I feel exhausted so quick….. I still figure out, what’s the reason… and there seems to be many….. But there are somehow related to each other…. inter-are

First of all it maidbe my disciplin. It seems that my mind is somehow overtaking…. after being in Ladakh with less internet…. now re’enjoying‘ being in the net just to much…. distracted by that … not able to concentrate enough on my meditation practise…. does not mean, I do not meditate, I do, but from around three hours a day I just do 1 or 2 hours? When it come to better days….. Somehow I am excepting this fact, but it is really not good for me…..

Also I am eating a lot…. also I have been very accepting with that, but since one or two days, realizing this is really over the top and makes me feel uncomfortable. …. so I try to smoothly change it again.

Today I stopped walking already at 2pm. Being exhausted from food consumption, but more from energetically conditions during the last two weeks  (maybe that’s the reason of that much eating?)

People are still very nice – I got a beautiful invitation in Jhunga some days ago, where I stayed for another rest day. Having also two days rest just before that I should be relaxed…. but I am not. …

Today, thinking of the moment of sunset, looking out of my simple ( in this case aceptable) hotel room…. everything is dust. Dust from the season…. it’s somehow winter, so atmosphere is somehow hazy and muggy….. Dust from the street… most of the streets are unpaved, so every truck or bus makes a cloud of dust  (most of the traffic is my bicycle or motorcycle, or even people walk) …. it’s not nice to walk or live in this conditions, just everywhere dust. …

Then, at sunset I also thought about the other effects to make the somehow atmosphere and sand fog even more foggy. It’s the effect of poorness (even though no-one complanes and there is food enough and people are friendly) but it has an effect on the dusty consciousness. … also people eat quite some meat, smoke and drink alcohol ….. and the conditions in these cheap hotel, where I stay here and then, dirty stinky here and there, don’t help to lift up energy….  (and maybe the younger history and corruption leave also so steps in his dust?…)

Anyway, all this together, and my personal experience to feel much better over 2500m and feeling somehow as under water at low levels… don’t help to lift my energy level up….

I don’t want to complain, I just collect the puzzle pieces together to understand it better…. and so it is….

And…. somehow, I don’t know why… my heart gets dry…. energetically and on a spiritual level… I did not have it for a long while….

With Love


First walking week in Nepal

Dear friends,

The first walking week in Nepal is over. Today I have a rest day….

I am walking in the flat area in Nepal from west to east. 130km done towards Lumbini. Climate is good for walking. Sadly it gets dark very early, at around 1745h. Nepalies are very friendly. They have always a smile on there face. Remarkable there are much calmer than Indians. Even poorer also. Not so many jobs available in Nepal. But generally a happy folk. Usually they ask me where I am from and where I go. Then the talk is often finished. Very interesting. When they understand, that I do a long walk from Germany to Myanmar,  they understand easier the reality. Indians did often hear the info, but it did not enter the brain. I had to explain in different ways, then Indians got it, sometimes even not. Still figure out, why that is so…..

On the second day, after walking through the jungle close to a national park ( with tigers, deers and rhinos …) I reach to a magic area. It feels somehow holy. People are farming in small fields. They have build houses from mud and materials nearly only from nature. I don’t see electric wires. Everything feels so harmonious. … Because sunset is close I look for a place to stay and find a little collection of 5 huts, one with a little shop in it, around the others hay is stored, tethred, calm and chewing buffalos are standing around. Courious kids and adults coming closer. A white skinned person is always a reason to be happy… Nepalies love foreigners with white skin…. After a little while a sleeping place is arranged… after the shop closes I can sleep in this shop hut. .. a bed and blankets is brought…. From ‚Neil Sir‘ I learn, that all this huts here are illigeal. The people came here around 12 years ago from different parts of Nepal. They cut the trees and prepared fields for farming. Around 500 huts with more than 2000 people are here. ‚Neil Sir‘ says, they will all move peacefully as soon the government offers them another place to farm or live. Also there are willing to live in the city. It seems, that the government will reforest the area and extent the national park, what makes sence. … until then, this idyll will continue to exist…. people are so one with the nature…. great

Some days later I have the joy to witness another area, where I meet the pharmacist Chandrika in a village in the middle of the forest. Also here it feels, that the people live very harmoniously in the forest – they left more trees -. Chandrika is with his education and mini-pharmacy somehow the doctor of the region, has two wife’s (each lives in an extra house) and together eight kids. Most of them are grown up, some have already own families. One son worked 5 years on a Pacific iland called Palau and returned with the earned money one or two years ago. Another 19 year old son does not like to study either work somewhere, he is still on the way to find his path…. Both of the places so peaceful and smooth….

If I come to other villages, where there is an existing ‚hotel‘ people like to sent me there.  Somehow it’s understandable, also they have a lot of people in the house… But these ‚hotels‘ have less than the lowest standard at all. Mostly it’s combined with a restaurant and Nepali’s like to drink and smoke there too. It feels, that only the drunken, but also workers rent this kind of rooms. It’s allowed to smoke also in the rooms. And the problem is, the rooms, or better say beds never seems to be cleaned…. often they stink to the sky. Through my travel I am used here and there to this kind of conditions, but this just happens here to often, that I have to sleep in a room/bed like this. Usually I need a day or two to recover from such circumstances, but here I face this every or every second day until now…. this cost a lot of energy and it’s so difficult somehow to survive in these surroundings and to meditate in this atmosphere. … really a big challenge. Truly this accommodations are very cheap, mostly between 3 and 5 $, so somehow I can effort it, but the price on the energetically level is ‚high to pay’…. my body somehow already reacts with ‚allergic‘ symptoms, so far, that I coughed hardly and nearly threw up. The streets are offen not sealed, so in the season now, there are very dusty, even though little traffic…. so the lungs have a lot to do these days – streets and beds, dust and smell….

Further on I am again challenged moneywise…. actually I have 7000 Nepali Rupies left, what’s about 70 $. I don’t know if another donation is coming before the first of next month, where I always recieve some donation by two friends, and I am not sure if the money will reach out until then. Also I have another 45 $ with me, but it seems, I can’t change that money in Nepal because the $ notes are slightly damaged. The money for the cancelled flight from Ladakh to Delhi I get back only in the mid of December. So…. let’s see…. there will be a solution… as always.

Blessings and Love



Hi friends

I arrived after a plane and bus ride to Mahendranagar, where I start walking tomorrow towards Lumbini. Is about 430 to 500 km.

Leaving Ladakh I had to face some issues.  The plane was cancelled. My travel agent from Nepal was informed but he did not get the info to me. I had to buy another ticket, more expensive and extra by another air company. I could not fly later, because my Visa was running out. If I get the money back (for the first ticket) is not clear yet.

At the Nepalese border I had to face another issue…. the border officer did not accept some of my U.S. dollars because they had some very little damage, I even did not realize before. So they charged an extra enormous fee for my Indian Rupies….

I stayed very calm in both cases. …

From a friend in Germany I received the message, that Mooji is coming next year to Rishikesh (13.2.-10.3.2019). I feel I want to intent that retreat…. brings all my plans for the first quarter of the year up side down….. but also happy (he did not come last year when it seemed to be more appropriate. …)

Aparna decided not to join in…..

….. everything seems to be manageable…..

From now on its again easier to reach me… internet is available easier than in Ladakh….😊😊😊

….in a good mood….




update 30.10.2018

Dear friends,

my little injuries from the walk are nearly gone. The bursa patella on my knee is fine.
During the healing process at my feet I found out, that my horn skin underneath my left food was frozen. The horn skin peeled and I find now new healthy baby skin there.
The left eye healed also. But it is still sensitive. I work during the Vipassana meditations in the moment with deep rooted old defilements. One is coming from the left pelvis all the left side up and a part of it leaves through my left eye. This is ongoing since a while and I know…. this is, why my eye is so super sensitive and that’s maybe even the reason why the sun had such a big effect on my eye…..

Through all the month I was so busy with my mind and heart and all my system to find out, if I have to go somehow now to Germany to see my parents. Back and forth I moved it in all directions…. (that was such a deep and difficult process)
Finally I came to the decision to continue the walk now. On the 8th of November I fly to Delhi. From there the night bus to Mahendranagar at the border in Nepal. From there I walk, maybe proparbly with company – Aparna wants to join – to Lumbini and later, beginning of next year, to the Buddha places in India…. see timetable….
(I have to leave a gap, because of Visa issues, what will be walked next autumn)

I promised some month earlier…. if someone comes, can’t effort walking with me because of no money…. I or ’steppps‘ will take care of it. It should be not the reason of anyone,  not to join the peace walk because of money issues…. anyway, we knock at doors and ask for food at night….. but it’s a little challenge for me….. and while writing this here, I feel so happy to face it…..

I was joining again a Vipassana retreat. This time I could meditate all the time. I can only recommend it to anyone of you, to join at least a 10-day retreat at one of the centers in the world. It is free of costs and so so helpful for further spiritual development …..

In earlier blogs I already mentioned, that I want to integrate the Vipassana technic into the silent retreats, when I come back. Now, in the last retreat, at the second last day, Mister Goenka mentioned in a extra little audio tape, that he can’t allow any mixing of the technic. The main reason behind it is, that it is possible that the beautiful Vipassana meditation technic gets again lost….  Also, that people can’t see, what result is coming from what technic/doing….  So he mentions it again and again, and I have even the feeling, that this little extra audio tape was played more or less for me!!
So what to do?…. Anyway…. it’s still time until I give the next silent retreat…. so I can contemplate on it…..
But also I can’t hide the beautiful technic to anyone…  it’s so powerful and it has to be spread…..
And it’s the natural continuation of teachings in my seminars…..
But dropping all of the things I taught before…. can’t also not be the solution…..

For the last days in Leh/Ladakh I promised to help again in the Vipassana center to serve the upcoming course – they had a problem finding enough servers – …. From there I will get directly to the airport.

Anyone who wants to join the peace walk is heartly welcome!!!! In Nepal and India we walk in easy terrain. Also extrem weather situations are not expected in the next month. …

Love to you all

Back in Leh area

Back in Leh area

Konchok greets me and I am heartly welcome. Finally a mirrow and a body wash action the next day – in the monastery no facility, no warm water….

And looking at the mirrow – oje – how do I look like, as a Yeti. The skin hangs down from the sun burn everywhere in the face, the beard so long, the lower lip opened at some places….

Sadly I have to move out from Konchoks place after a week, because it’s a government place and we don’t have more permission.

Skarma has a house just close by. Here I stayed with another guy, Soham for 4, 5 days or so… what a nice time also.  Thanks Skarma by the way. And I am still there.

The kneecap bursa is getting better too.

And the skin under my feet starts to peel, wonder of body presents a new skin.
The lip is also nearly healed.

Eyes are also nearly fine again.

Another peace walk I can not start here. Zanskar had to be cancelled because of the snow. Nubra Valley I can’t walk too.

I will visit again a Vipassana retreat from Wednesday on. And I meditate a lot anyway. 2 to 4h a day. A lot of defilements I work through. So good.

The vision of the triangle route remains the same then from June. But no clue how to bring it down to earth. Maybe in 2 years, maybe after the walk…. will see and diguest…
Anyway, I made a map ….. about diverse details….
Before I upload the map here it maid be a little overworked and beautied. … and it needs explanation….

This walk really shaked me. Especially because of the case of ‚doing a visit to Germany, seeing my mother/father/family or not, now or later – or continuing the walk until Myanmar without interruption. … this is a huge process for me…. also because I feel a commitment and a vow towards a ’non-interruption‘ of the walk…..
I am going with it
It seems so easy, when observed from outside, but somehow it’s not…..
I could write pages about it….
Solution will be found… ……………
If I find words to explain I will do it later….

I love to be in Leh with it special energy

And I love to see the Shanti stupa as often as I can…. such a beauty

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