Angaan Ching Eco Park in Kakching

Angaan Ching Eco Park in Kakching

I stayed a week at Woods and Earth. Taking rest and good food. Enjoyed here and there company. I am surprised how many people come here to book a place at the riverside just for picknick.
But I need rest rest rest.
Sometimes I sit on one of the two swings. Andy installed them over the creek, so you can relax and have your legs to the same time in the water. What a good idea.

After two days walking I reach Kakching. People advise me, to stay at the hotel opposite of of a gas station. But arriving there, there is no hotel at all.
But there is a big building, so I try. But the entrance does not look like a hotel entrance at all. Its a privat house. Today is ’sisters day‘. The female married women come back to there parents house. One man gets very angry at me, so I leave…..
Why do people tell me with such a conviction such a thing, if there is no hotel in town.
Outside I have a little rest, then start walking towards Pallel.
After 2km the son of the ‚big house‘, Param, comes behind me and apologise for the behaviour of his unfriendly relative, in the name of the whole family. I really appreciate this a lot. And he comes with an invitation. I can stay with the family.
Next morning, Oken, the father invites me to stay longer. I accept for another day. ‚Why do you need such a big house?‘ ‚My wife, Momeza, is a doctor, partly working in a hospital, but I want her to work at home. So, in the ground floor she also has already a office and patients are coming‘. There is also very nice entrance area and in the ground floor is my guest room. ‚I the first floor my family lives there‘. ‚But why do you need two more floors on top?‘ Until now, there are also not completed. But on top of the 4 floor building is a very nice roof. ‚Maybe one floor for my son‘ ‚And the 4th level?‘ ‚This could be for a Yoga studio, some froends of mine are yoga teachers. In the moment, they teach in Russia, but when they come back….‘ So the whole building will become a ‚community center‘, great. Oken shows me around the garden. Some 100 meters away he builded a fabric to dry fruits and pack them.
Then we do a visiting tour to his relatives. Really nice family – some of them saw me already yesterday. A niece is practicing also Vipassana, so we have a nice chat. Then we visit an uncle, who just extends his house. He plans to open a laboratory to breed eatable mushroom, who grow on Branche. So people can buy at his laboratory to cultivate there own mushrooms.
And then, he says, while sitting again in the car ‚Now, there is a big surprise coming, a really big…..‘ I am looking forward. We meet his uncle Surgit, a little outside of Kakching. Its a Eco Park. Angaan Ching Eco Park is an NGO, to reforest a whole hill. Its a project where the whole town is involved. Lots of people plant and adopt a tree, to make the whole reforestation possible. I am really happy to be here as a guest and say ‚Yes I am on a peace walk, but sometimes, I think, I mainly walk for Mother Earth. And I walk also for such projects to happen, that people get open, to do something, like you do here. I try to plant seeds and open consciousness of people, so they can invent projects like this….., thanks for doing this. I am so greatful‘. Finally Surjit invites me to plant a tree, he will adopt him, water him and so on. Excellent, this visit.

The other days, I have to cross some mountains again, highest is 1.500m. I meet really nice people and hosts. Nature is ahain so beautiful.



One day, I learn something about my perception and especially I learn to let go of some fear and be more free. I admit, that perception of recognition of names anyway, but also faces, is often not there. It has been so often in my life, that I felt so awkward and ashamed, that I can’t remember names or even faces, when I have seen the person only once or sometimes twice.
It was, when I met Amarjit again. I met him first at the exit of Jiribam, 10 days before that second meeting. He was a policeman, controlling me back in Jiribam, but later we communicated on WhatsApp. He was interested whats going on etc, gave some advise….
When I saw him second, I did not remember anything of his person, he handed me water and chips, said the day of my fathers death… and I was confused. Then he said ‚I gave you some bananas, when we met first…‘ A big question mark arose in my mind. I searched all the moments of connecting with anyone in the last 5 days or so…. but could not find any solution of my thought loss….. and I searched for a situation, where someone gave me 5, 6 bananas…. Then after a long while I finally remembered ‚But you did not give me some bananas, it was a bunch of 12,15 or more….‘ but I still could not remember his face…. but all of the situation. Faces vanish or change in my mind, when I dont see the person anymore or only by writing, phone…. and I little bit later I could confess freely, thats, how my mind works…..
Thanks Amarjit ❤❤❤

On the way

On the way

There are no hotels on the whole way. The reason maid be, even though the nature is so beautiful, that the people from the plain area, who would be the creators of such places, are not allowed by law to buy land from the mountain tribes. But here and there a nice simple but cosy hotel – the people would all benefit. On the other hand, nature stayed here so beautifully.

One time I stayed in a somehow lodge in Nungba, half way, for a couple if days. And I had to stay, because through some heavy rain nearly all my close where completely wet. No way, that they could dry during one night in this season. The room I got was without any window, no connection to nature, and done by corrugated iron, totally uncosy. And the owners were forced to kick me, a foreigner, out again, because of some ‚talking‘ in the village. It was uncomfortable, to stay there, but I had no other choise.

All the other days, I was hosted by very nice people. Some picked me up from the steeet, others I had to ask, once at a police station with a remarkable view, once at a school, about 5 times in a series at some churches.
Especially the series at the church places have been amazing. I allowed them, to cook for me, even in the evening, because the Christians here eat a bit earlier, then most Indians. And to my surprise, they cooked the most delicious, just steamed vegetables I have eaten for a long time. Including some bamboo spouds, banana flowers, pumpkin, local beans, potatoes and so on. Thank you all so much. I little overeat myself a bit…. but still a joy and sooo tasty.
But after some days of eating in the evening I am happy to come back to the benefits of not eating at evening/night.

Manipur is ….

Manipur is again a very Christian state, but most Christians life in the mountains. In the plains, I hear, more Hindu’s but also some Moslems.

The plains have the capital and around a lot of mostly, rice, farming.
The mountains are so gorgeous, full tropical forests.
Most people belong to some tripes, and it seems, most of them want, that Manipur comes independent from India again. They dont feel treated well. Even some underground groups are existing, mostly being up in the mountains…. and some forces army vehicles are always driving fully weaponed. Some days ago, I heard, there was a shooting going around between these two groups…..

Manipur is the first state, where I saw signs for using only toilets everywhere, otherwise fees of 1000 or 500 Rupies are supposed to come. Villagers and government build everywhere public toilets.

The ‚highway‘ is more a smaller road, mostly nice paved, but at some places a mud adventure experience for all the vehicles, motorcycles and me as a walker. At one place I was surprised, that the vehicles can manage at all, to get through that 20 to 40cm of mud? The highway route goes up to Nungba and usually continues on a north route as the official highway, but a bridge had totally collapsed, so everyone has to take the shorter south route, which I anyway had chosen.

Woods and Earth

Woods and Earth

Manipur is the last state in India. Now I have crossed about 200km, another 100km to come.

I am staying now at a camp ground called ‚Woods and Earth‘ in the ‚Imphal plains‘ (about 800m high) at the foothills of the mountains and have a rest.
Arriving here I was a bit overwhelmed, that universe wants me to have a rest, making decisions, where to put the given tent, accepting the fee rules etc. But I was in need of a rest. To underline the importance of staying a bit longer at this place, I suffered the first night a lot, by getting a cold and at the second night, having water running out of my nose intensely.
Now its already the 5th day at the camp.

The feeling is coming up, to complete the walk in India, the last 100km until the border, but also a ‚inpatient‘ sence, that maybe staying a bit longer for rest maid be good…..

I am a bit worried, how to get the Myanmar Visa, so a thought comes to my mind ‚maybe waiting for the Visa effort until 1st of December?‘


While writing I remember to be grateful for any sensations in my body

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you




There is a feeling of guilt in my system, that I feel not any loss, when my father left his body. It seems, that society wants, that I feel a loss, when a friend or a relative leaves.
But how can I feel loss, when I am so happy, that he could manage to complete his life. I am so happy for him and I am so happy in myself.
Sure, I will miss him here and there, I guess, but I don’t feel a loss.
I guess, happiness and loss can’t play together.
In the moment, happiness governs me.

Letter to Bernhards Grandchildren

Letter for all the grandchildren of my father Bernhard, die 26.10.20. Sorry only in German

An Jana, Florian, Lena, Nele, Nils, Nora, Finja, Jonas, Emily, Faton und Roy.

Ihr Lieben EnkelInnen von Bernhard mit euren Partnern, Familien und ja, eigentlich auch an alle Anderen im ‚Schmöckel Verbund‘

Ich bekomme zu hören ‚Herzliches Beileid‘ oder ‚I am sorry for your loss‘ ‚Der Verlust tut mir leid‘. Und das unter einem Artikel auf Facebook, wo ich erklärt habe, das ich froh bin, glücklich, das Bernhard nun endlich sein Leben abrunden konnte.
In einem Artikel, in dem ich erwähnt habe, dass er so lange krank war, dass es nun wirklich Erlösung war, dass er nun endlich gehen konnte.
All unsere Leben beginnen mit der Geburt und enden mit dem Tod. Alles Leben auf dieser Erde beginnt mit dem Anfang und dem Ende. Nur, das, was wir Gott, Universum, Existenz oder Es nennen, ist immerwährend. Von daher kommen wir und dahin gehen wir auch wieder. Leider oder glücklicherweise können wir mit unserem menschlichen Geist dieses Es, Existenz, Universum oder Gott nicht begreifen.
Auf der menschlichen Ebene erleben wir den Tod eines geliebten Menschen als Verlust. Dies ist sehr verständlich, wenn es unerwartet kommt oder wir mit diesem Menschen verhaftet, verbunden sind. Doch bei Eurem Grossvater oder meinem Vater konnten wir uns lange vorbereiten. Und sein Hinübergehen als etwas Gutes begreifen. Es gab keine Alternative.
So können wir natürlich die Erinnerungen in unseren Herzen und im Geist bewahren.
Thich Nhat Hanh, ein buddhistischer Mönch, jetzt 94 Jahre alt, bei dem ich viele Male in Frankreich, Deutschland und einmal auch in Vietnam war, hat so wunderbar mehrfach erklärt, dass ein verstorbener Freund oder Verwandter in den Angehörigen weiterlebt. Jetzt und hier. Das ist auf der körperlichen Vererbungslinie einfach zu verstehen. Same und Eizelle der, in diesem Fall, der Grosseltern kommen zusammen, daraus entsteht ein neuer Körper. Für euch in 2. Generation wird auch ein Teil eurer Grosseltern in euch weiter vererbt, also lebt logischerweise auch Bernhard in euch weiter. Und zudem alle Taten von Bernhard, hier möchte ich die guten besonders erwähnen, weil sie uns nähren, in uns weiterleben. Die Taten und Handlungen von Bernhard, die uns bereichert haben, leben in uns weiter. Die spirituellen oder lebensbereichernden Unterweisungen oder vorgelebten beispielhaften und uns prägenden Handlungen, die wir übernommen haben, leben so in uns weiter. Im Hier und Jetzt, heute, morgen und übermorgen…
Auch wenn Bernhard nun seinen Körper zurückgelassen hat, den wir nun in einigen Tagen in einem Grab ablegen, so bleibt doch vieles von seinem Leben und vorgelebten Taten und gesprochenen Worten in uns lebendig – indem wir davon etwas weitergetragen.
Indem das Unvermeidliche geschehen ist, Bernhard ist gestorben, hat er am Ende seines erfüllten Lebens seinen Körper abgelegt, verlassen. Können wir da wirklich von Verlust reden? Sollten wir uns nicht besser darüber freuen, vielleicht sogar glücklich sein darüber, was noch immer da ist?
Es heißt ja auch Beerdigungs- oder Trauerfeier. Können wir vielleicht ein bisschen mehr feiern, zelebrieren, und freuen, das Bernhard so ein angefülltes und gutes Leben hatte und es nun glücklicherweise abgerundet hat?
Kann ein ‚Verlust‘ gar ein neue Chance auf eine andere Betrachtungsweise bekommen.
Ich bin weiterhin froh und glücklich, das es jetzt so ist, wie es ist. Ich wünsche euch am nächsten Montag gute Begegnungen und Erinnerungen, auch mit dem Wissen, dass nun nur der zurückgelassenen Körper an Mutter Erde zurückgegeben wird.
Ich bin im Geiste und mit meinem Herzen dabei.

Halleluja und Amen

Dad died 26.10.2020 8.20am

Dad died at 8.20am 26.10.2020

I have a day of rest. At midday Indian time, my father has finally managed to leave his body, passing the gate of transmission.
Ulrich, my brother, informs me by phone. I say ‚I am not going to play a game of being shocked and sad, because we have to behave like that, when someone passes away. I am just happy, and really, it was more then time, that he had to do the step….‘

And I am so happy, that he could manage, to pass…
It is a release for everyone….. it is, to make his life complete, he has to do that step…. then we all can see from another perspective, the whole life, the art work of all his life, has now a beginning and an end…. and the end has to be celebrated to, and I want to celebrate with happiness, because I feel happiness…. and because, it is happiness… its just a transition …. and its a successfully transition which took place.
I salute to him and his completion of his life, which was all together a good life….

And when we look deep, sadness is not there because its a sad act, its because, we ourself, have a problem with letting go…. we are sad, because we have to say goodbye, stay behind…
We are looking back at the past, holding on to it, with its beautiful moment, which cant be replicated (with him).
But we should look back with gratefulness, what we all experienced together, some good, some not so good things.

In gratefulness
In love
In gratitude

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

I am so happy for you, dad!!!
With love
And there is peace now

This I wrote to my family (sorry, only in German)

Ihr Lieben Alle in der Schmöckel Gruppe,

heute morgen hat sich Bernhard ge-löst. Gelöst von seinem Körper nach langer Arbeit in seinem Inneren. 5 Jahre Schmerz, Leiden und nach Aussen hin Vergessen. 5 Jahre gebunden sein im seinem Körper, so dass er sich nun, nach der Lösung, erst mal wieder an mehr Weite gewöhnen muss. Auf der ‚anderen Seite‘ auf das Himmlische trifft.

Liebe Familie,
Wie ihr wisst, bin ich zZt weiter in Indien unterwegs, kann euch somit nicht vor Ort unterstützen, aber ihr könnt euch gewiss sein, dass ich in dieser Zeit auch bei euch bin und euch, mit was auch immer, durch diese Zeit mittrage.

Etliches ist nun zu organisieren, auf die Reihe zu bringen, vorzubereiten, nachzubereiten….. ich denke an euch.

Bernhard hatte ein bewegtes, nach dem 2. Weltkrieg, zwischenzeitlich dramatisches Leben. Zusammen mit Inge folgte dann ein überwiegend erfülltes Leben. Er hat es genossen, Familie um sich zu haben und für sie zu sorgen. Erst die Kinder, dann später die Partner und darauffolgend Enkel und Urenkel, das hat ihm große Freude gemacht mit allen zu sein und die Familie wachsen zu sehen. Es gibt viele schöne Erinnerungen.

Jetzt seid ihr alle dran, Abschied zu nehmen. Jede, jeder hat dabei eigene Empfindungen, Erinnerungen und Abschiedsgedanken. Ich wünsche euch, dass ihr euch gegenseitig zuhört, mitteilt und in die Arme nehmt. Das Vergangene rückblickend anschauend, diese speziellen Momente der Gegenwart teilt und frohen Herzens auch in die Zukunft blicken könnt.

Persönlich empfinde ich Freude und Leichtigkeit und Erleichterung in meinem Herzen. Ich freue mich, dass mein Vater es geschafft hat, durch das Tor zu gehen. Und ich sehe auf sein Leben, und kann von Geburt bis zum Tod sein Leben ehren. Für einige Abschnitte hab ich keine Bilder, aber für viele. Jetzt ist das Leben komplett, von Beginn bis zum Ende. Ein fast 85jähriges Kunstwerk.

Vielleicht habt ihr Lust, hier auf WhatsApp, schöne Erinnerungen und Gedanken, Fotos zu teilen, vielleicht in dieser Gruppe oder per Direktnachrichten, untereinander oder mit mir…

Jeder Lebensabschnitt ist gesegnet.

Inter State border

Inter State border …..

At the state border from Assam to Manipur, because of Corona, so many regulations. They need a new Covid19 test. So I am sent by so many officials back to Assam and I end up in a very small village hospital, which is actually more or less a maternity ward. One woman is clearly in labour (At the door ‚labor‘) and delivers just then a baby. 2 other ladies are in ‚the process’….
Its Sunday and no Covid19 test centre open here. They want to sent me away ‚come back on Monday 11am‘, but on Assam side, there is no hotel, only having an invitation at the Manipur side. There I cant go, because no test….
I decide just to sit there a bit longer until a solution arises. A responsible nurse makes some phonecalls, organises a Covid19 test, result negative.
Back to the ‚border‘, papers papers papers…. I have not seen a foreigner in month…. so the foreigner office has something to do.
My host had his phone off, later I learn, his battery died while having a puja at the Durga festivals, then it was already dark and I booked a hotel….
Two times more the foreign police officer had more questions, coming to my room….
All together Indian police is always friendly to foreigners….
They had also concerns, that I should not go through Manipur, because Myanmar border is sealed right now (because of Corona)
But walking step by step means also to me, walking to the border of Myanmar is right now right, to see what situation is there in one month…. and not to be worried….

As far as I know, this is the only border I could cross by walking coming from India….

The Superintendent of the police has to be informed…..



People on the road are present and overwhelmingly talkative towards me. Interested and questioning my appearance. It feels a bit, leaving the country soon, and a collective awareness is greeting. These all happens more and more, since I had this Corona shift/switch inside, a few weeks ago. And it seems to intensify. True is, I leave the state of Assam soon, but will enter Manipur, last state in India…

In Lakhipur a car stops. A journalist and a ‚peace walk helper‘ inside. Short story upload for the journalist. Then the helper organises a place to stay for the last night in Assam. Its a Christian youth center, right before a huge forest area appears. I have to walk another 4km. Chawnga recieves me on the way and we walk the last km together. But the key for my room is not to find. The pastor gets informed and they break the door open. With a spoken prayer by touching my shoulder I am sent on the way next morning.

People coming and coming, where are you from?, where do you go?, why do you do that?, can I help?, are you ok?, do you like some water?, cookies?, you are hungry?…..

‚I am a missionare‘, one man is coming…. The area from here on is again Christian dominated. Missionaries alway think, they have the ‚only‘ truth, everyone has to be convinced by Jesus Christ, only salvation, and surely people have to be converted. He acts like ‚I am the boss here, I now the truth’…. Without letting me explain, who I am, what I do, he seats me down in a shacky restaurant, served with 2 puri’s, somehow he has my phone, gets to youtube, subcribes me to his channel ‚….to heaven‘ and likes his video. Everything without asking me, if I wish so. I am just another one to convert… or whatever victim…. who needs salvation…. I heard about this Christian missionares way of agressive convertion before… And then he asks me suggestive questions to get intangled in the way, he would like the conversation to be, without having a fair and open basic talk….
I confront him, with his behaviour, still in his friendly personality, but in fact on a deeper level, very agressive, overwhelming action, ‚I know everything better, you know nothing, I have the truth, you need to know the truth-behaviour’…..
He has to stop talking like this to me, knowing even not the basics of my spiritual path….
A lot of relegions are so sad, when you are not the member of that religion. This is happening especially by Christians, when you dont answer in the first sentence, that you are also a Christian (implements, that you have not found the truth and Jesus Christ, who is the ONLY one, because he is the son of God, who can bring you peace)
Same happens with Moslems, when they find out, that you are not a Muslim, because ONLY by the teaching of the Quran you can bring you peace and love.
‚So you must be lost and need to be safed….‘
And then, when you tell them, that you are on paper a Christian, Moslem and Buddhist, and to the same time you are not a member of any religious organisation, then the confusion is perfect – and you can’t have found the truth…..
Anyway, he apologized…..
If you have found truth, love, peace, happiness, then there is no need to convert people. Because a human, who carries this wisdom inside, attracts automatically people, who search….