To my surprise.

Dear friends it seems that I change my route again.  I arrived Varanasi. Now hidding towards Bodhgaya. From there towards Patna as planed. (Then a one month Vipassana retreat as planed) Further I proparbly change diagonal northeast toward Sikkim. That means not walking to Kathmandu, which I would have loved to…. The reasons are multiple. […]


7.1.-18.1.2020 Walking from Muhammadabad to Varanasi 18.1.-30.1. Maybe serve or sit a Vipassana retreat in Sarnath 30.1.-27.2. Walking from Varanasi to Bodhgaya and Patna 29.2.-31.3. Sitting a 30 day Vipassana retreat in Shravasti / getting there by train. 1.4.-10.4. Afterglow the retreat / renew the Visa again In Nepal / travel by train back to Patna. […]

The Big Hug II

Dear friends, Even after a short break of even some days, walking is just different. All the mussles in the feet, legs, but, around the lower spine are hurting. It’s again and again surprising. So it’s important to listen to the body, he has a reason. Also: Getting out of the bed, first steppps on […]