Dear friends. You know, that I stuck at the border to Myanmar. I found a lovely house, where I stay now since end of November 2020. All together I am in Moreh/Manipur since the 22.11.2020. It is not clear, what will happen. Will the border open again? Will I get help by some officials, diplomats […]

Border/Visa issue

Border/Visa issue All together I am pretty calm about this issue. I do not to much about it, and when, only the things, where I have an impulse to do so. In the beginning I was busy with the Immigration officer here. 10 days ago I contacted the Myanmar embassy in New Delhi, but also […]

Happy New Year

Dear beautiful, happy and lovely friends. Happy New Yeah to all of you. May you be carried by love, peace, care and support during all the year and may freedom surround you. I am still in Moreh/Manipur/India, at the border to Myanmar. Time went by, but the border is still closed. For me its until […]