Dear friends.

You know, that I stuck at the border to Myanmar.
I found a lovely house, where I stay now since end of November 2020.
All together I am in Moreh/Manipur since the 22.11.2020.
It is not clear, what will happen.
Will the border open again?
Will I get help by some officials, diplomats or members of the Myanmar government?
Mainly I am fine with the situation and quite calm.

I am still clear, that the peace walk, I have started, has to end this year, best would be end of April, 9 years after I started in Germany (plusminus 1 month).
So its clear.
Today is the 11.1.2021.
The border is for sure closed until 31.1.2021.
Supposed I could enter in the beginning of February (but not clear at all) I had to be another 2 weeks in quarantine on the Myanmar side.
Then it’s already mid of February (most ideally)
Walking to Yangoon/Myanmar (1.200-1.400km) would take me about 4 month.
I would reach Yangoon mid of June.
So it seems, I maid have to let go of the final destination?
Anyway, its wise, at least to think about that option.

So, what whould be the alternates?

I do not have the real answers yet.
Yes I have some ideas.

So yesterday at around midnight, I just asked a question, into the room, to God….. ‚What should  I do?‘ ‚What do you want me to do?‘
And immediately I got an answer:

I am holding the energy to complete the Peace Walk since I knew about this walk, since I was 26/27.
I am holding the energy to fulfill my commitment since I started the peace walk.
It was said: You will walk from South Germany to India when you are 50 (years old). Later I added Tibet (did not work out) and Myanmar because of some deep insides.
And in September 2018 there was another information coming through saying: If you go visit your mother next summer (2019) you can walk all the rest (of the way) in one row.
So, here I am, totally crossed all India from West to East…. not knowing, what will happen.
Somehow open, if thats ‚Gods will‘, to round up, finish the walk, here, where I am —— and also still open, if thats ‚Gods will‘ to wait a little longer, to see, if I can enter Myanmar…..
….and receiving last midnight the message

This YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT is something!!!!
It makes me feel realising, that I do whatever I want …. so long already. On a very overviewing observing level of my life at least since I grew up. Even more observing from a much higher level since I choosed to be born in that family, I was born to. (Including all the struggles life has to offer)
This sentences makes me feel so free. Releases some tension in my system also.
Its freedom pure.


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