Back in Leh and Bliss

ack in Leh and Bliss I am back in Ladakh. The last week was filled with arriving back and feeling very welcomed. It was filled with giving two interviews, one to a radio station, one to a newly published magazine. It was filled by a talk I gave in a local very sympatic 'Metta cafe' […]

Schedule and Visa

Schedule and Visa It’s only a few days ago, that I got the result of my Visa application. After I got through a lot of emotional and mind chaos. Not clear, if someone did a mistake, or a big misunderstanding happened, anyway…. The result is, within the next year I get only 2×90 days Visa […]

Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley

Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley The Dalai Lama is this month (July) in Ladakh. He travels to a lot of monasteries in the area and teaches. Elisabeth and me had the luck to see him arriving close to the airport,  when we wanted to pick up her late coming luggage. All Ladkies are so happy […]

Elisabeth and Silent Retreat

Elisabeth and Silent retreat I pick my friend Elisabeth from Germany up from the airport. She has been my girl friend 20 years before for a bit more then one year. Since then we are still good friends. She will stay for 3 1/2 weeks. Sure, we have to talk a lot and so we […]

On the way to Leh

After completing 18.000 km I meet the Hell-race-people. It’s just mind blowing what these organize. They have some runners who are running in 120 hours, 5 days,  a distance of 475 km from Manali to Leh through all this high passes. (Includes sleeping time) Some other runners do 5 marathon in 5 days through this […]

A vision arises

The last two walking days, to much traffic on the road. Season is getting high…. to much honking…. no clue where Sunil is, he must have passed…. One afternoon in Pank, I told the both ladys Sonem and Tshimet, who helped me with my special food wishes, I have to go to my room (dormitory) […]

Joy and Happiness

It’s always a joy,  to walk for peace, …. But here, back in the high mountains,  after Spiti, just fantastic. Not without any ‚work out‘, but just wonderful. I feel sooo good at 4.000 m and above…. great. In Sarchu the first surprise. All the ‚villages‘ at the next 300km are only there in summer, […]

only 3000m high

Going towards Keylong it’s ‚only‘ 3000 m high. If I am with some worries, I contemplate, I am not with my real self. I have 3 worries, which here and there come to me…. the sandals, my visa issue and my mother…. When I am with my worries, I am in my mind or emotions […]

Cyclists and ‚the blue monk‘

Two cyclist are stopping beside me. Oskar from Sweden and Park from South Korea, who calls him on his tour for all the westeners John. Oskar has heard from me from 4 different sources in different countries. One was at a dinner party at the Malaysian embassey and he is nearly speechless to meet me […]

Kaza and around

As so often I follow a short cut. Often to avoid km to km in loops, as today from Komic on 4500 m to Kaza on 3.600m. But this time the short cut, which is even mentioned in ‚‘ is just … what?. It’s steep and lose stony down. No sign of a path at […]