little update

Dear friends. I have been on a 10 days Vipassana retreat. Because I feel, my process is not completed yet, I go from tonight on on another silent journey by myself. Here for I found a beatiful place at the river Ganga in Rishikesh. Out of the silent time after 10th of December Blessings around […]

I arrived in Mandi

I enjoyed The last two days have been so beautiful. Finally I reach a lonely street. Nature pur.  And even a jungle. Wow. Today the climate changed again, while coming further down. Bamboo and bananas are growing around Mandi. And Mandi is my first non-tourist Indian city. I will explore tomorrow. After I have to […]

5 1/2 years

Today is day 2114 of being with the peace walk. 5 1/2years 16098 km 15 countries At least 30 people walked with me.  

on the way to Mandi

I suffer It’s my last week before having a 3 month walking break. The luggage feels heavy. It is getting warmer coming to a lower and lower elevation. I don’t wear so many clothes anymore and I have more staff then before walking through Ladakh. Coming down into the world ‚people’s world‘ everything gets more […]


Already arriving at Rothang pass was a surprise. Suddenly, after being weeks in Ladakh, so many people on the pass. A big Indian crowd. It was also first snow on the pass, but I guess, this is just normal, a kind of party atmosphere. For me it is the ‚greeting‘ of more upcoming crowds in […]

Plan Oktober 2017 to November 2018

● Mid to end of October 2017 Walking to Mandi (Renewing the Visa in Nepal beginning of Nov) ● Nov 2017 until January 2018 3 month walking break. Visiting friends and interesting places in India. Making a Vipassana retreat. (Renewing Visa end of January 2018) ● Febr-April 2018 Parkistan border to Amritsar, then DharamSalam (Dalai […]


You find Fotos in instagram at schmockelthomasheinrich 

visions and insides

In Keylong I have first time after 3 weeks Internet. Keylong is not really small, very tourisic, but they developed a boring-is-ness. It feels like everyone in town is bored. The season is nearly gone… Ankush had the feeling, when he was here, too….. Actually I planed to stay 2 full days, three nights, but […]

Sarchu to Darcha

My way had some delays. So for example I stayed one more week in Leh. When I look at these nights to the sky I see the moon coming close to the full moon size. Is that an invitation to walk through the night? Next morning I start walking without only knowing of one place, […]

Pang to Sarchu

With Sahip from the oil company I come to a longer conversation at the evening before continuing walking. I see always the trucks bringing oil and gas and…. for the whole region on the street with ‚Indian Oil‘ as a logo. And from the beginning I ask myself, if India has own oil or is […]