space II

And the Space raised up After the last post I found space. Not only inside but also in all of the upcoming sleeping locations. Soooo gooood. And relaxing. I have again and still so much more to report. Until I don’t have two full days rest with internet access, so I can use one day […]


Dear friends, I have tremendously much to report. And I don’t find the space for it. There is this big need for space, where you meet in respect and dignity. There is this need of space while meeting people and hosts.  There is the contrast from nature with so much space and greatness. And narrow […]


Dear friends, I finally arrived in Srinagar in Kashmir in north India. From here I will start walking to Leh in Ladakh and then south to Manali. There are very high passes to cross. The highest is 5.300m. On the way I can only use internet, when there is WIFI provided in some places. So […]


Next destination India!!!! My Afghanistan Visa could not been extended. I could not get a Pakistan Visa. So, on Saturday, 5th of August I arrive to India.  

Nazeer Karimzai

One day, Mr Karimzai ask me, what I think of his son Nazeer. I say: I think he is an Angel…. Nazeer is the youngest of the house.  His father, 72 and mother 69. The youngest son of a house has a lot of responsibilities. For example serving the guests. And here are always guests, […]

in Mr Karimzai’s guest house II

What else happend during my stay: Nisar, 37, is one of the sons of Mr Karimzai, works at the ministry of high education. He is father of 8 kids. When his first kid was born, he had a little hole in his heart. With four month he died. Then 3 girls followed. Another 3 boys. […]

In Mr. Karimzai’s guest house

Dear friends, here is my next chapter in Kabul/Afghanistan. Ahmad did not show up. I went down to the reception to look for him. But his college has the only answer to me, that he comes in the evening. My mouth is open, I can’t believe, he promised to bring me to his uncle’s place […]