until Fariman, 3 days in Fariman (Mashhad)

The weather is increasing its temperature. 4 days walking south, southeast. Sometimes trees. Sometimes no trees. The sun is shining heavily already in the morning, increasing at midday, does not lose the power until 6pm…… I met really nice people in the way, for overnight staying beautiful help. A outside garden room with persian carpets […]

developing a longing

Dear friends. I left Mashhad yesterday, south first, later south east. My heart is really happy to walk again – and to walk towards Afghanistan. So happy. So happy. Sooo happy. I remember walking barefeet so much. In the beginning of the journey. And I do not know why – but I stopped doing it. […]

maybe something to smile

Hi friends, Maybe this is something to smile, but it feels good….???? Last year I was 54. Two times 27 27 is a age a really like. Maybe it’s the best age in my opinion. Even when I was 27, I kind of felt it, I realised it also then. I was grown up. I […]

Imam Reza’s shrine

All 12 Imams who came after Mohammad where born in Medina. Reza is the 8th Imam after Mohammad and he came and died here in the area. Finally they build him a shrine and it became after some miracles happens a pilgrim’s place. Coming there first, I could not believe my eyes. It was night […]

restless in Mashhad

Dear friends. I arrived exactly in Mashhad compleating 5 years of steppps peacewalk. The actually anniversary I stayed in bed. Steppps walked since 28.4.2012 14.478 km. Mashhad, the city of Imam Reza with his holy shrine. Mashhad, the destination of so many pilgrims coming from everywhere in the Muslim world. Second biggest mosque in the […]

Neyshabur to Mashhad

My plan was originally to walk from Neyshabour over the mountains towards Mashhad. My online map is showing me a walking way over a 3.555m mountain, but there seems to be no marked way and a 40km distance incl. the up and down climing in one day. If you ask someone that you want to […]

From Sabzevar to Neyshabur

I left Sabzevar with really good feelings. Ali brought me a bit with his car, so I could not miss the right direction. Guessing this in advanced I had walked the way until there before, so there is still a continuously step by step connection. I much appreciate always people, who have developed inner space […]

we are all connected

Dear friends. A little reminder. I still do not have regular Facebook connection. Also I could not read all the messages I got from you via Facebook messenger. There are 77 messenges. I will read them after Iran. Communication works good on whatsapp. my adress there is +30 6980654542 Also I post nearly every day […]

Testament/Explanation and ’statement‘. Erläuterungen und ‚Erklärung‘

  English /Deutsch Dear friends/Liebe Freunde I am now in Mashhad and I will write more about what happened on the way to here soon. Ich bin jetzt in Mashhad und ich werde gleich noch mehr schreiben, was alles in den letzten Wochen passierte. There is a statement to make, a statement that I wanted […]