If you have not read the article about ‚age‘ before, you maid scroll down to update yourself. So its one year later now, and my next birthday is coming again in the end of march. Since last year I count backwards, so this year, I become 52. And the best thing is, the day after […]

Anger — Space

In my spiritual journey, I developed something called space. It’s mainly an inner space. It has to do with an open heart. With tolerance. With realizing the god-self, and just space, empty and to the same time full with peace and silence. It has to do with understanding the real truth. When I enter a […]

Being gay

One of these days I sad down with Sunil and he asked me about my life. He wanted to know about education, one thing came to the other and I spoke about big live changing periods, especially when consciousness and awareness makes some important shifts and break through’s. And I wanted to explain the education […]

‚Still with Sunil’s family in Dehra‘ and ‚Food‘

I am still in Dehra, where I arrived 9 days ago. With Sunil’s and Reena’s family. It’s like in many Indian families, it’s a big family, brothers and wifes, who live in the same house with there little children. One unmarried brother and one ‚being married very soon sister‘, also mother and father live here, […]

Amritsar and direction Daramshala

This years journey I started at the Pakistan border at the first of February. Because I was not allowed to walk through Pakistan (no Visa), it feels like connecting the earlier walked way until Afghanistan. Here I would have come from Lahore over the border into India. I wanted so much, to walk into India, […]

‚R6‘ After the retreat is before the retreat

When I came to the Vipassana center, I thought I could somehow join two courses after each other, maybe later volunteer in other ones, to maybe maybe finally visit a 21 day course in January 2018 (because there was a gab in the schedule, and I was kind of guessing, that it was not announced […]

‚R5‘ Vipassana Retreat

The Vipassana center in Dehradun has around 35 rooms for men and 35 for women, or even more – kind of guess. In my course where around 65 people, 35 men and 30 women. Women and men sit separate in the meditation hall and have a total separate tract of accommodation and dining…. Vipassana is […]

‚R4‘ Before Vipassana Retreat

I went to Dehradun by bus, then by auto/tuktuk to the retreat place northwest of Dehradun. The tuktuk had to cross a military area, then we arrived in a little village, where the driver had to ask for directions. The retreat center is close to a little river, which is in November more a creek… […]

‚R3‘ Rishikesh first 10 days

The bus ride towards Rishikesh was already a new experience. Because this was just a most simple government bus, as it is used everywhere in the daily traffic. To my surprise it had not only 4 seats in a row, but 5. First the bus was quite empty, then it was getting more and more […]

‚R2‘ Bonfire Hostel and Giving and Receiving

Beginning of November 2017 I was again invited by the Bonfire Hostel Chain to stay at there hostel for free, and I had a special invitation for Rishikesh. But Ayush, one of the owners wanted me to mention it in my blog again and again. Everywhere, in Facebook, instagram…. to make some kind of publicity […]