Anger — Space

In my spiritual journey, I developed something called space. It’s mainly an inner space. It has to do with an open heart. With tolerance. With realizing the god-self, and just space, empty and to the same time full with peace and silence. It has to do with understanding the real truth. When I enter a house, I can feel, if that person has that ‚inner space‘. Often I can see it also, how a house is designed or furnished…. But it always comes with a feeling… there is space…. in that space I can breath…. and I do not mean the breath with the body breath, I mean, the soul, the it, my being can breath and rest in it.

This space is something so precious, I can explain nearly everything on/with it.

When it comes to take my space, I still have to improve myself in some fields, to embrace that non space. But in these coming fields I still have to work on myself.

beggars, cheat and lying, honk, spitting, pollution, loud, chaos
When I was in Leh in Ladakh at the peace stupa, a tibetian monk spoke to me about happiness, and if we want to reach it fully, we have to embrace everyone and everything with compassion. As an example he mentioned the spitting. I really have a problem, when people spit on the street, just before or behind me and especially, when they make a noisily sound getting all the slime up the throat first and then spit it out. It feels so much, that someone is taking my space and spits on it.
When shop keepers of holders of little stands at the street want to cheat me with the wrong price, maybe double price,
when I am walking on the street, and motorcycles and cars, buses and trucks honk at me and so often out of any reason… and not just here and then, but all the time, every half a minute….. sometimes more or less, brrr….
when it is just loud all the time, everywhere I go
when pollution is overtaking, air pollution, so I cant breath, but also and especially sound pollution without any break for a ongoing time
when beggars in a penetrating way ask for money, on and on, I don’t have a problem, when I go along a street, and there are two or three beggars, but if it is a ongoing game, in Rishikesh I often had to pass along 30 to 40 beggars on a 6 km stretch one way, and you always have to say no

so when it continuously happened, so when the game does not stop

than I am still not able to keep my compassion and space alive. If I feel my space gets attacked, it is possible, that I get angry – compassion gone

In the narrow ways in the city of Amritsar, where I personally think, this is a walking area, there are endless motorcycles trying to get through, with lots of honking. Other motorcycles are even parked there, so even the left over space is gone. I just don’t know, where is space to walk. After some steps, next honking, going to the side. It feels you can’t do 10 steps without being disturbed in your way. Here and at some other places I developed a technique, to get some more space. I just extend my aura. So, in that narrow mini roads its not possible, because the house walls mark a kind of border, but than I did it upwards, upwards three four floors up the house canyons and than into the sky…. that is helping me, to breath, to relax, to be still extended, still, what I am….

So I still go on…. peace in every situation….


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