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Step by Step – Breath by Breath – In the Moment – Always Present

Steppps – PeacePilgrimage

2012 steppps is going by foot from Germany to Israel/Palestine, India, Tibet and Myanmar/Burma. This will take us 3-4 years – about 15-20.000 km.



The project needs also your help with:

  • Prayers and meditation
  • Food and accommodation for the night
  • Beeing a part of the pilgrimage group
  • Informing others
  • Organising a speech
  • Donations


Founder an Initiator: Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel

More Informations: www.steppps.net

Telefon: +49 174 8409120

International – Intercultural – Interreligious

Dear friends, hosts, helpers, supporters!!!!!

Steppps is a Peace Pilgrim Project. The initiator of the peace project is Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel from Germany. At the 28th of April, 2012 Thomas and a group of people started from southern Germany to walk to India, Tibet and Burma, all by foot. In October 2012 we arrived Bucuresti in Romania, after 6 weeks in Austria and 7 weeks in Hungary. The further route will be through  Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan to India, than Tibet, Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma. There will be also a walk to Israel and Palestine (from Turkey south through Syria and Libanon) in 2013. From 2007-2011 Thomas and a lot of supporters walked alread through Germany and all the surrounding countries. Altogether it was a journey of 7.500 km.

The peace pilgrimage is dedicated to peace on every level, for humans, animals, nature, countries, better understanding between countries and folk. We should understand, that we are living on this planet, instead of living in countries.

Every step is done mindfully, touching the earth, praying with our hearts and bodies step by step.

The intention of the whole walk is the pilgrimage itself. That means, always to be in the moment, in the here and the now. This we practice through mindful walking in silence, step by step walking on planet earth, through meditation, prayers, toning, being aware of our breathing. Through this practice we are cultivating inner peace. Through this and our hearts‘ intention we give impulses into the enviroment.

On the way we go through different towns, cities, districts, areas and countries. We meet humans with different cultural backgrounds. Animals and nature are always present. Some  places are calling for healing, attention and  appreciation.

As a few examples I would like to mention these:

Cows are standing on a meadow, they give milk every day. Here we give  thanks to them or we sing/tone for them.

Everywhere are some „animal-concentration-camps“. Here animals are living under unworthy circumstances. We pray, meditate for them, we ask for forgivness and better treatment for them.

We visit special places in the country and cities.

We visit places, where people live together, and realise wholesome projects.

We respect and appreciate a tree or flowers, realising the beauty and perfection.

We visit communities, who live complete with respect for other cultures and religions in there essence, and who know about there integration.

We make holes in the borders. We are citizens of this planet, not of a country.

The pilgrimage aim to help the communication between people and different cultures, to release and heal old wounds.

The peace pilgrimage aims for peace through our actions and gives impulses topeace on all levels on this wonderful planet earth.

Humans are invited, to think or do similar actions.

For a global lasting „new mind“ in the beginning of a “ new age“.

For a new heaven and a new earth.

Intercultural – interreligious – international.

Everybody is heartly invited, to walk with us, one or more days, a week or all the time.

We are very thankful for every form of sponsering for this journey. This can be a prayer, a thought, accomodation, money …..

Thanks for all of your attention.

Yours  Thomas and all the other pilgrims


older informations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This page of my website contains:

  1. Walking for Peace in Poland 2009
  2. information about my pilgrimage in general, as well, as my
  3. latest reports and experiences.

Walking for Peace in Poland 2009

Steppps is a Peace Pilgrim Project. My name is Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel, I am from Germany, walking from 2007-2011 through Germany and all surrounding neighbour countries. All together it is a 6-7000 km journey. From 2012 I do go from southern Germany to India, Tibet and Burma.

The peace pilgrim is dedicated for peace on every level. Means for humans, animals, nature, countries, better understanding between countries and folks. And we should understand, that we are living on this planet, instead of living in countries.

Every step is done mindfully, means that I do go with every step consciously, touching the earth, praying with my heart and body step by step.

So I did in spring 2008. I did pilger along the German-Polish border, by crossing her all the time. All together a way of 650 km.

During that pilgrimage I realised, that there is still some suffering and trauma trapped in the polish folk, country and people, based in happenings from the wars and time afterwards. Especially I felt a deep, not every day consciously realised knowing about disrooting, the forced resettlement from now western Ukraine to western Poland/old German area and about not knowing “Are we really allowed to stay here?”

On the way a have been asked a lot of times, if I do the pilgrimage to Jasna Gora in Czestochowa to see the Black Madonna? I did say: I am going along the border….. but at the end of the journey I did a train trip to Czestochowa, brought everything, what I was walking for, to the Black Madonna to give it her, sent it to all the people in Poland.

After I finished the way along the German-Polish border, I reached Czech Republic. One or two days after I realised, that I have to pilgrim again, that I have to go for helping to release that old suffering and trauma of the polish people.

So I will do in spring 2009. I do dedicate my mindful walk from Polecko (closed to Slubice) to Jasna Gora, praying and asking for releasing the old suffering and trauma of the affected polish people and area.

And I am asking for your help. I need your blessings, praying and meditation for the project, a bed to stay at night, food, for wise advises. And I do like it, if you join the walk, an hour, a day, days, weeks or all time. I am very happy for everybody, who comes with me on the pilgrimage. I am also grateful for donations. And please, tell everybody, who maid be interested. Make copies or send it by email to interest people. I do already thank you for your help.

I am walking mindfully, means I don´t go in a hurry. I do like to touch the earth step by step, consciously. So I do around 18 km a day.


Starting from Polecko at the 17th of april, reaching Jasna Gora in latest 7th of June 2009.

Planed Route

Along the river Odra. Polecko, Krosno Odrz., Czerwiensk/Pomorsko, Nw. Sol, Bytom Odrz.,Glogow, Scinawa, Brzeg Dln., Wroclaw, Jelcz-Laskowice, Olawa, Brzeg, Opole, Ozimek, Kolonowskie, Zawadzkie, Kalety, Wozniki, Kozieglowy, Zarki (spring Lesninow), Olsztyn, Mstow, Czestochowa. (If there is enough time, I do also like to go to Sw. Anna and Gidle)

A ritual

From 1st – 3rd of May there will be a ritual. We will sing a lot – Toning. This is sounding without text and melody. Everybody is doing sound in the meaning of praying, thanks, asking for release of the pilgrimage theme, guidance…. We will do it in nature, maybe churches (if we are allowed), in mornings, during the days and in the evenings. It is very easy to do. I will give you little advice – everybody, who can speak is able to do this sounding. There is no need for being perfect. Every sound is welcome.

At www.steppps.net you will find a Polish text about this pilgrimage.

There are allready some articles in english in the blog. I try to report more often in english. There is a gallery of pictures from last year and a map of the whole project until the end of 2009. The text on the blog can be translated into Polish. Please scroll down to “Google Übersetzung”, click “Sprache wählen” and chose your language.

I am happy, if you come in connection. I do speak German and English.

Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel

0049-(0)174-8409120 during pilgrimage ( each day from 17-18 h)




Dear friends,
dear sangha friends,
dear sound healing friends,
dear norwegian friends
dear english speaking friends,

especially I do like to greet everybody in vietnam, who traveled to the retreat from thich nhat hanh. I feel very connected and breath with you all. Have a wonderful time there.

As you maybe remember, I am on my peace pilgrimage through Germany and all the surrounding countries. Every year 8-12 weeks. This year the way is getting me along the german-polish border and the german-czech border. Allready I did around 700 mindful walking km and now I am on the way to Prague in Czech Republik. The weather is marvelous now!!!!!
The way to Prague was not planed and came to me just two days ago. What is the main interest in the loop way: Prague is called the golden city…… {and for the most it means properbly the colour of prague at sunset} For me it is most interesting, if there is a further meaning, so that there maid be a ethreal-etheric spirituel tempel abouve the city. And if the tempel is representing the golden light. And if I am able to feel the tempel, to get in connection with the temple.

The way along the polish-german border was very intens and I feel, I have to go there again, next year, to do another peace walk for the collective conciousness of the polish people. The polish people did suffer so much before and during the 2. world war and even until now, partly the suffer and struggle is not consious. It is a deep pain inside the soul of the folk. So I will go next year for another 3-5 weeks doing a healing walk for the collective conciousness. The way will be from the german-polish border to Czetochowa, where the polish people ceep the black madonna ikon as a national holy object. Every year 4-5 million people go there, 200 000 by walking, to honor and pray to the black madonna there.
I was not allowed this year, to give my result of the pilgrimage to the collective consiousness, so I will pilgrim to the black madonna, to offer all of the work, so the madonna can give it further to everybody in poland and everybody can support from it.

Amd another result is: I will go along the hole ex-german inner border, what was seperating the east and west germans from 1949-1989 {with a wall from 13th august 1961 to 9th of November 1989}.

So a bit more mindful walking than planed, but possible, and I love to do it.

This year I do have time until 1st of june, so there a 3 more weeks.

I am happy for any kind of support from whom ever. You are invited to walk with me.
A few weeks ago a friend from the sangha wrote a SMS to me, saying: I am breathing to the buddha in you. I was very touched and it was very powerful. So sometimes a breath is allready enough.

And very helpful to me is although, that we are anyway connected to each of us allways.

Breathings, blessings and mindful walkings – from the way in Czech Republik to you.

1. Part 2007
North-Germany – Poland – Germany
Schleswig/Holstein – Mecklenburg/Vorpommern – Poland – Berlin

31.March/1.April 07    Flensburg – Neukirchen
10.April-10.May 07     Neukirchen – Kiel – Luebeck – Bad Kleinen – Teterow –

2. Part 2007
30.September-22.Oktober 2007

Demmin – Usedom – Swinemuende/Swinoujscie/PL –
Wolin/Wollin/PL – Stettin/Szczecin/PL and further down at the polish-german border

17.March-End of May 2008

Rest of the polish-german border, than continuing at the german-tchech border. Than going on north west to the „Harz“ and than further west in direction to Netherlands.
The Harmonic Singer and Sound Artist Thomas Heinrich Schmoeckel starts around easter his 1. part of his 7 years walking-pilgrimage in northern Germany/Flensburg.
During the first 5 years (2007-2011) he will do the pilgrimage through Germany and all surrounding countries. The hikes are starting every year after easter and they long for 5 to 9 weeks. They are connected to the parts of the year before. The pilgrimage will be continued from 2012 without a break to India and Tibet. The route will probably go through Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Herefore he is planing 1 ½ to 2 years.

The first part goes through Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Poland and back to Berlin.
The idea for the pilgrimage came to Schmoeckel 1988, while he was reading the book „DE MEMOIRE D`ESSENIEN – Memories of the Essene“ by Meurois/Givaudan. Since than he knew, that he will walk from Germany to India/Tibet, when he becomes 50 years. That is in 2012. Last year, during a one week silent retreat, what he was leading at a seminar center in „Grundstein Neukirchen“ in northern Germany he found out, that he should start the pilgrimage allready in 2007.

Goal of the walk is the pilgrimage by itself – inside and outside. To pilgrim with every step, with every breath, to develope constant peace incide and outside, to train mindfulness. The main idea of traveling through Germany is to visit different places of interest. This can be places and points in cities and countryside, whom are crying for healing or do have a need for attention. Mr. Schmoeckel give some examples:

– A cow meadow. To sing and thank the cows, who produce every day milk.
– A „meat compan/meat production“, where ducks and chicken are „growing“, who never touch the   nature in life. Maybe they never see a lake or they never get frech air. – To pray for a better life for   aminals in general and especially to those, which we maid eat. And we need to ask for forgiveness.
– There are still wounds of the 2. World War, trauma, suffering and people are carrying old guild on   they shoulders, especially in Germany. This needs to be seen and healed. Old guild, carried by single   persons and the society need to be worked on; and reconciliation with all the neighbour countries   around have to be continued.
– Visiting powerpoints in nature and cities
– Visiting places, where people live or gather together; who are creating projects to get them into action   in harmony with nature and envoirement
– Vistiting spiritual communities, who are living in harmony with nature, envoirement and society,   respecting other cultures or religions in theirs essence, with knowing of deep common contents.
– Making energetically holes in (country)borders! We are living in one world. We are mainly inhabitants   of this planet, more than inhabitants of a country or city.
– ……

Thomas Heinrich Schmoeckel is inviting everybody, to join in in many forms. Maybe thoughts, words or active.
Thoughts can be transported by prayers or a short moment, a brainwave; a little moment of knowing, that we are all connected.
Words can be used to tell others about this pilgrimage.
Actions can be done in many ways, for example: walking with him, and he is inviting everybody to do that. This can be an hour, a day or many days or weeks. If you can´t walk with him, you can do a „little pilgrimage at home“ and you maid connect at a spiriutal level with him.
You can hand this article to a newspaper or magazin.
Also you can sponsor the project with money or you can offer a place to sleep. A simple place to sleep is enough, the hikers carry sleeping bags.
There are 6 pilgrims walking the first two days – 5 direktly after easter.

Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel lives in Flensburg/Germany. He workes as a Sound Artist, Sound Healer and Harmonic Singer. He founded the hormonic choir „ObertonArt“ and developed a education for „Sound Healing by voice“. During the summer he workes as a non moving golden statue „goldman“ on festivals in nothern Germany.
About this journey and his spiritual life and work he is on the process to write a book.

Email: steppps@gmx.de
Pilgrimagefone +49-(0)174-8409120, every day 17-18:00 (5-6 pm MESZ)


Mail adress:
Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel

For donations:
Int. Bank Account Number: DE65 3005 0110 0014 2589 17
Stadtsparkasse Duesseldorf, Berliner Allee, 40212 Duesseldorf/Germany