Back in Leh and Bliss

ack in Leh and Bliss I am back in Ladakh. The last week was filled with arriving back and feeling very welcomed. It was filled with giving two interviews, one to a radio station, one to a newly published magazine. It was filled by a talk I gave in a local very sympatic 'Metta cafe' […]

Schedule and Visa

Schedule and Visa It’s only a few days ago, that I got the result of my Visa application. After I got through a lot of emotional and mind chaos. Not clear, if someone did a mistake, or a big misunderstanding happened, anyway…. The result is, within the next year I get only 2×90 days Visa […]

Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley

Dalai Lama at Nubra Valley The Dalai Lama is this month (July) in Ladakh. He travels to a lot of monasteries in the area and teaches. Elisabeth and me had the luck to see him arriving close to the airport,  when we wanted to pick up her late coming luggage. All Ladkies are so happy […]

Elisabeth and Silent Retreat

Elisabeth and Silent retreat I pick my friend Elisabeth from Germany up from the airport. She has been my girl friend 20 years before for a bit more then one year. Since then we are still good friends. She will stay for 3 1/2 weeks. Sure, we have to talk a lot and so we […]