Schedule and Visa

Schedule and Visa

It’s only a few days ago, that I got the result of my Visa application. After I got through a lot of emotional and mind chaos. Not clear, if someone did a mistake, or a big misunderstanding happened, anyway….
The result is, within the next year I get only 2×90 days Visa for India, instead of expected 4×90 days.
I am happy, that today I can see it already with distance.

Elisabeth has some friends in the historic city of Bakhtapur, 20km away from Kathmandu. Naresh and Kailash, two brothers, offered me a free stay in there hotel. Madhu, another friend of her, is a famous Thanka painter. His family work has a 300 year tradition.  Wow. Madhu showed me his work and a looked him a bit over his shoulder.
Impressiv. A little girl with some skin irritation was sent from the pharmacy to him for healing. (Also hospitals are happy to get his help) He painted 4 dragons around the irritation. Some rice was offered, a prayer and a little money to him. He says: In 4 days it’s gone. Never anyone comes back for complanes.

The big stupa at Boudha in Kathmandu is so energeticly beautiful. All day long Buddhist pilgrims circle clockwise around the monument. Wonderful atmosphere.
It’s nice just to watch all the people circleling around. The pilgrims with there prayer chains, the ladies in there traditional clothes, some with prayer wheels, monks and nuns, people who have a little chat while circleling, old and young men and women, handicapped, and pilgrims who circle around by touching with the whole body the ground….
All together they create a beautiful silent concentration…..

Anyway, this is the new schedule until June 2019 and I am happy with it.

Schedule  August 2018 until June 2019

13.8. – 8.11.2018 Ladakh/India
Peace walk in….
1) Nubra Valley
2) Zanskar
3) Moorey Plains
Maybe I have to drop one of the destinations (not enough time?!)
Also 22.8.-2.9. Vipassana retreat in Saboo

9.11. – 31.12.2018 Nepal
Peace walk from Mahendranagar to Lumbini
Also Vipassana retreat 15.12.-26.12. in Lumbini

1.1.-31.3.2019 India
Peace walk to the ‚Buddha places‘

1.4.-15.6.2019 Nepal
Peace walk from Lumbini to Pokhara, mountains and to Kathmandu……

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