Maybe I did a mistake

After 5 days rest I continued walking today. Problem: I had to cover 37km. Yesterday I thought came in my mind: even after 5 days sometimes feet and body neet to be first trained again….. After 23km – really nice scenery. People are relaxt and friendly in Assam… – I arrive at a bridge. Underneath […]

How to promote peace

How to promote peace Jitendra sent a question to me: I wish to know from you how do you preach the message of peace among the people by walking a so long distance from Germany to India. First I can say, that I don’t preach. I like to share my knowledge, experience…. Lots of answers […]

Rest and ‚THANK YOU‘ excercise

Rest and ‚THANK YOU‘ exersice The day later I arrive at my rest place, again organized by the police, a hotel some km back. But this time I had also to do a Corona test – negative. I don’t know if the Corona test is right. Actually I had some symptoms who are a bit […]

Arriving in Assam

Arriving in Assam After the rain the Buthan mountains are visible. Wow. Beautiful view to the north. Lots of people offer there help to me. Some guy offers me a pineapple and chips out of his car. It feels a little bit, they are hiding in the bushes and turn towards me when coming closer, […]

Barefoot walking

Barefoot walking Actually I did not so much barefoot walking. But here and there I did. It’s because, I have to walk mostly longer distances as normal and further have to overcome obstacles by finding a place to rest, which takes energy. Some days ago I had a interesting observation. It was the day, entering […]

Last day in West Benghal

Last day in West Bengal Again I have to walk a lot today – 25km. I start early at around 6 so that I almost reach my destination Kamakhyaguri at midday. So I can slow down, have a rest here and there, some snack, sitting in the nature. Two young men, Rajkul and his friend […]

Corona, Pharma and Natural Medicine

Corona, pharma and natural medicine More then half a year we are busy with Crovid-19 now. Most obvious people are in fear to get it. (I already wrote something about it) Sure, people are dying. But so may people don’t have any or very weak symptoms of the disease. (In Mumbai slums 57% of the […]

On the road again

On the road again Nature is just beautiful. Also in Monsoon West Bengal. Monsoon is not that rainy as I thought. Sure it rains, also fields are overflowded, but that’s part of the season cycle in this area. But plants are so happy during this season. So happy. And nature shows its beauty in the […]


Glyphosate I come along a poster of the Green Party in Germany, because the poster is criticised in the press because of it’s wrong information. It says: Have still big potatoes also without Glyphosate. Actually Glyphosate is forbidden in Germany for growing potatoes, because, as the information says: Glyphosate would kill the potatoes. The poison […]


Siliguru A break is not really a break when it’s not celebrated as a break. All together I stay 10 days outside (northwest) of Siliguri in Matigara. First I thought I just stay two days. But than I extend day by day, because I feel exhausted still, because I am mentally and bodily weak. Because… […]