Corona, Pharma and Natural Medicine

Corona, pharma and natural medicine

More then half a year we are busy with Crovid-19 now.
Most obvious people are in fear to get it. (I already wrote something about it)

Sure, people are dying. But so may people don’t have any or very weak symptoms of the disease. (In Mumbai slums 57% of the people already developed antibodies) But the statistics say, this and this many people got infected, without telling us, how many are seriously infected with heavy symptoms. Knowing this, we could relativate our view to the disease.

If we would take care of other diseases so carefully – now or earlier – I would very much appreciate that.

How is it possible, that India and other states who have Malaria, which cost 750.000 people death every year, don’t started a more efficient anti-Malaria program.

Let’s look at Diabetes. In Germany 2 Million people have Diabetes. This is calculated with 83 million Germans almost every 40th person. Sure, some of the Diabetes is from birth on and there are different types of Diabetes. But most of them are sugar related. Related to raffined sugar with is so bad to our body. Some even say, raffined sugar makes even more addicted than cocaine. Diabetes is even called sugar-disease.
And so many people dying every year from Diabetes.
Coca-Cola and Pepsi are still allowed to sell there products. Most of the food fabrics use raffined sugar in there products. Even raffined sugar is find in bread???, beside of other preservatives, flavorful enhancers and other chemicals…

I spoke about pesticide, over medication of chemical substances. We eat it, we breath polluted air, and we wonder that people get cancer. And cancer is a very serious disease.
How is it possible, that we don’t focus on healthy food and environment in order to have order in our body, and not disorder and cancer and other diseases?
How is it possible, that we don’t have scientists searching on that topic.

How is it possible, that we are so ignorant to ourselves and our surroundings? How?

How is it possible, that the Pharma industry became so big and our herbal and natural medicine is almost unknown.
Why are we humans so ignorant?
Why do we not have health care shops who offer Pharma (but little) but also all the beautiful herbs and natural medicine?

How is it possible, that we want to trust in a future vaccine, that is maybe even decoding our genes? How is it possible, that there is suddenly so much money on the market…. for a so ‚corrupt‘ Pharma industry?

I guess the humans are the biggest virus on this planet, for themselves and for all the planet.

But we can change – one by one!!!!

Hugs to you all
With love

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