I arrived in Mandi

I enjoyed The last two days have been so beautiful. Finally I reach a lonely street. Nature pur.  And even a jungle. Wow. Today the climate changed again, while coming further down. Bamboo and bananas are growing around Mandi. And Mandi is my first non-tourist Indian city. I will explore tomorrow. After I have to […]

5 1/2 years

Today is day 2114 of being with the peace walk. 5 1/2years 16098 km 15 countries At least 30 people walked with me.  

on the way to Mandi

I suffer It’s my last week before having a 3 month walking break. The luggage feels heavy. It is getting warmer coming to a lower and lower elevation. I don’t wear so many clothes anymore and I have more staff then before walking through Ladakh. Coming down into the world ‚people’s world‘ everything gets more […]


Already arriving at Rothang pass was a surprise. Suddenly, after being weeks in Ladakh, so many people on the pass. A big Indian crowd. It was also first snow on the pass, but I guess, this is just normal, a kind of party atmosphere. For me it is the ‚greeting‘ of more upcoming crowds in […]

Plan Oktober 2017 to November 2018

● Mid to end of October 2017 Walking to Mandi (Renewing the Visa in Nepal beginning of Nov) ● Nov 2017 until January 2018 3 month walking break. Visiting friends and interesting places in India. Making a Vipassana retreat. (Renewing Visa end of January 2018) ● Febr-April 2018 Parkistan border to Amritsar, then DharamSalam (Dalai […]


You find Fotos in instagram at schmockelthomasheinrich 

visions and insides

In Keylong I have first time after 3 weeks Internet. Keylong is not really small, very tourisic, but they developed a boring-is-ness. It feels like everyone in town is bored. The season is nearly gone… Ankush had the feeling, when he was here, too….. Actually I planed to stay 2 full days, three nights, but […]

Sarchu to Darcha

My way had some delays. So for example I stayed one more week in Leh. When I look at these nights to the sky I see the moon coming close to the full moon size. Is that an invitation to walk through the night? Next morning I start walking without only knowing of one place, […]

Pang to Sarchu

With Sahip from the oil company I come to a longer conversation at the evening before continuing walking. I see always the trucks bringing oil and gas and…. for the whole region on the street with ‚Indian Oil‘ as a logo. And from the beginning I ask myself, if India has own oil or is […]

Tanglang La and Morey Plains

There was one more interesting topic I spoke with Konchok, the monk. About the whole population of Ladakh with a bit more than 117.000 people. Half and half by Moslems and Buddhist.  Because Moslem population is growing so quick, because they make so many babies and sometimes marrying Buddhist girls, who convert into Islam…  some […]