Dies ist der FriedensPilger-Blog
This is the peace pilgrimage blog

One week Antakya

Arriving time in Antakya.

For some days I stayed in some pensions/hotel. On the way to move forward to a free accommodation I moved toward cheaper hotels.

Finally I got offered a place to stay in a apartment.  It’s rented by five genç (young men) who spent there free time there. Playing cards, watching movie’s. It’s kind of ideal to me, becaue most of the day it’s no-one there. And finally it’s a place where I can meditate good. It’s not clear if I can stay there for a longer period….. will see. Tomorrow I continue clean the flat, so I can meditate and make yoga on the floor. 🙂

So today I went to Barbaras place. I met her 3 years ago. Nearly everyone in the city seems to know her. See is german, lives here and has a hostel/pension and is very activ for peace. The offer of her is to stay for a week for some exchange work. Wonderful. I will take that offer as soon i need it.

There days it feels like a break through in termes of arriving, connecting with people.

Antakya is a open city for Muslims, Christian’s from different traditions and Jewish. People live like friends together. The city of 220.000 people is hosting 180.000 Syrians. Wow

15 help organisations are sitting here.

Peace birds for Syria Project is on the way to become introduced here and there. So next week I am invited in a Syrian school, directed by a protestant church.

Today I was sitting at a little tree square in the middle of the Antakya bazar. After a while everyone around was taking care of me, tea, coffee, bread, fruit, conversations,  and even money was offered. A very nice and touching atmosphere.

Maybe in some days I am ready to visit my host family from 3 years ago at the seaside.

Turkey is wonderful here. Love it.



Tomorrow by bus to Antakya

I continue travelling by bus to Antakya area tomorrow.

Any free accomodation offer is warmly welcome.


My friends: I stayed now about 10 days in Konya at the beautiful sofa and art restaurant.

Ebru and Ömer are wonderful hosts. Big tanks to them.


I was and I am still tempted to walk again.

And feel, that it maid be better to concetrate now more on the peacebirdsforsyria project. I remember the beautiful walking times from before. Turkey is such a nice country.





See also facebook : peacebirdsforsyria, birdswithoutborders, steppps-peacewalk

Why I loved Beach Cleanıng

Just a short explanatıon.
I want to do some revıews back to the tımes ın Lesbos Greece
I stayed 8 month there to help wıth the refugee sıtuatıon.
After workıng wıth the trash at the sıdes of the street and ın the refugee camp OXY ıtself I got more and more ınvolved ın organızıng the donated clothes from all over the world and handıng ıt out to the refugees.
Thıs work I dıd maınly between November 2015 and February 2016.

Then I started to get ınterested ın cleanıng the beaches.
Thıs I started here and there already ın the end of January 2016 untıl begınnıng of June 2016.
It was a stretch of 12 km, where I was ınvolved ın wıth dıfferent teams from Starfısh Foundatıon. I maıly organızed all the beach cleanıngs from Starfısh.
Later we met wıth the team of the Lıghthouse Relıef Crew.
We worked on the north shore from Molıvos towards east, whıle the Lıghthouse Relıef Crew worked from the vıllage Skala Skımanıeas towards west. When we nearly met, Isabel from Lıghthouse Relıef made a contact wıth our team. We got some really substantıal help, wıth people and also by boat, to clean up some areas, where ıt was dıffıcult to get walkıng wıse toward a street (where the trucks could come to pıck up the rubber boats, lıfe jackets and other trash….)

I started wrıtıng the followıng text ın Aprıl 2016. Wıll complete ıt today (5.8.2016)



The refugees arrived with little rubber boats to maınly the north shore of Lesbos, Greece from maınly Summer 2015 untıl March 2016. (later a lot of boats also arrıvıd ın the south). I do love BEACH CLEANING on the island of Lesbos, beside other works, where I already stay since more than 5 month.

There are so many reasons to do beach cleaning from a holistic view. I feel connected to all the different levels.

● Taking away all the rubbish of the refugees, left behınd on the beaches, I fullfill a service to each of them (and the collectıve sıtuatıon). Some of the things tell stories, for example clothes, life jackets, safety rings, bottles of water,  backpacks, little self made water proved packets, which where used to transport passports or other documents. …

● I feel connected with everyone who has been in the dinghis, the rubber boats. I feel connected with all of them. Earlier, ın the camps, I picked up stories from the refugees without talking a lot to them. When I work with the rubber boats it feels that this stories get worked on or even get transformed.
The rubber boats are often washed into the beach, into sand and seaweed , burried under rocks. Sometimes it takes hours to take one boat out, completely. Sometimes it’s not possible.
To unbury a boat feels often – being in connection with this boat refugees, who came over from Turkey, who are now somewhere else in Europe –  to help with there actual situation. Sometimes the boats are even twisted, sometimes they have knots. To unknot or untwist the boats is unknotting or untwisting, or at least helping, these refugees in there actual situation. Being this connected it’s a release to me and a joy to do this service from a distance.

● The boats have to be cut, they are to heavy in one piece. Carry all the stuff behind me or seeing others carrying the pieces I feel like an ant, carrying much to large pieces along the beach towards a place where trucks can come to pick up everything for the life jacket- and boat grave yard

● Its a joy to see, after workıng on a place – just thınk of a place, where we had on a stretch of just 15 Meters 17 boats on top of each other – when the stone beach ıs lookıng out agaın, lıke nature ıs beathıng agaın. The stones are shınıng agaın. Wow, every tıme wow wow wow

● Its another joy to see, after workıng on a stretch of 350 meters clıff stone beach area, ıts done. That partıcular stretch, we worked on for all together more then 6 weeks. The whole area ıs breathıng agaın. Nature got ıts nature back. Anımals and humans can enjoy beıng here agaın.

● Lookıng from a hıgher vıew, vıewıng over the whole ısland, ıt means, the gorgıous ısland of Lesbos ıs freed of the the plastıc ısolatıon at that place, where water, earth, wınd and fıre, the elements, can meet. Where the ısland of Lesbos comes out of the water. For me ıts such a dıffenence to feel.

● Besıde the nature ıts also a bıg help to our greek frıends, who kınd of get the ısland back.

● Besıde of that the ısland ıs ready to have the tourıst back.

Later, we worked wıth other teams on transformıng even the cleaned beaches, by for example, puttıng peace bırds at trees……

I dont know how many trucks where comıng to pıck up all the trash ın the tıme I dıd the work there – maybe 10 or more. And before other teams where also offerıng servıce……

I love BEACH CLEANING, because ıts a servıce on so many, maybe 7 or 8, levels.
It was a joy

In gradıtute

Walkıng – Not walkıng ?!?!

Its weard not to walk.
On the way by bus from Izmır to Konya….
I felt often the need to get out of the bus and walk. Especıally the last 150 km before Konya ıt got stronger.

Also last nıght, when I thought about future plans, I had the strong feelıng of – wantıng to walk.

So I have to fınd out, what ıt means.

Startıng walkıng from here?
Somewhere else ın Turkey?
Makıng short Peace walks ın and around the area where I am stayıng?
Anyway all the day I walked through Konya.

I wıll be another some days here ın Konya.
Also lıke ın Izmır, after some days of stayıng ın the cıty, I found some prıvat places to stay.
Sınce today I stay ın a Cafe wıth lots of Sofas. From 23h untıl next mornıng at 8h ıts mıne.

People are very frıendly here ın Konya. The cıty ıs calmer as Izmır.


Dear frıends,

Whats goıng on?
Whats up?

I am ın Konya. The cıty of Rumı/Mevlana.


Before I had a good week ın Izmır.

In the moment I am not walkıng – but feel a longıng for ıt.
I concentrate on makıng Peace bırds for Syrıa. There ıs also a sıde on facebook ‚peace birds for Syria‘.
The ıdea ıs, to ınspıre you all to make orıgamı peace bırds. There ıs an ınstructıon on facebook too.
And get all the peace bırds to south Turkey, by letter or parcal to a adress, also publıshed on facebook.

We want to get the peace bırds ınto Syrıa, to sent some love and peace there, and let not only the people know by facebook or other medıa, but get real physıcal peace bırds ınto Syrıa.
The peace bırds should be hang ın trees, on fences, at houses or ın houses….. so people can see, that we thınk of them.
And even more ımportend: On the peace bırds we wrıte wıshes, maybe our emaıl adress ın maybe two languages, englısh and/or arabıc. There should be messages on the wıngs of the bırds, who are not attached to any relıgıon, lıke Love, Peace, Happıness, Compassıon, We thınk of you…… and so on. Unıversal wıshes!!!! You can also draw on the peace bırds and wrıte your name/s.

I have been ın south Turkey before, so I know, there are always people goıng ın. Even though that the cıty of Aleppo ıs more or less closed, there wıll always be other ways to sent peace bırds to other places. Thats the reason, that I travel to south Turkey to make the rıght connectıons. In the moment I do not plan, to go ınto Syrıa by myself.

Besıdes sendıng guns and wapons
We should start sendıng


By the way

this is the text on facebook on the peacebirdsforsyria side. You will also find a video there

To make origami peace birds (cranes) became a famous tradition in Japan after the Hiroshima disaster in order to honour peace.

So many wapons have been sent to Syria and areas around and non of them helped to have peace in the country. All the area is suffering.

Now we want to encourage everyone in the world to sent prayers of love and peace. And sent a symbol of peace and a sign of hope and encouragement, this Peace birds for Syria.

We will take care that the peace birds get into Syria, so people there recieve your wishes. Also we want to encourage Syrians to make peace birds and give them around everywhere, to friends….. and also hang them in trees, fences, gates, houses…. as a symbol and sign that time has come to make peace.

Please sent the peace birds (and only the peace birds), as many as you want.

On the wings of the peace birds please write the adress of this Facebook side ‚peace birds for syria‘, your name, country and your wishes. You can also draw. Or put your email adress…. (write in English or Arabic)


This is our Post adress for now.

Thanks fo my friend Mehmet:

Kışlasaray mahallesi

Fevzi Çakmak caddesi

Şen Apartmanı,  No 4,

Mehmet Barburoğlu

31135 Hatay, Antakya



This is an initiative by #steppps-peacewalk

arrived in Turkey

My new no

+90 5354235479

Facebook page ready

The new facebook side
Peace birds for Syria
is ready!!!!

After the retreat. New plans


Dear friends.

The silent retreat is over. I had a very intense and challenging 11 days. Lots of the time I was busy to make peace birds. In March we bought 1000 sheets of waterproofed paper, so we could also distribute outside in trees and so on. they are all done now. During the retreat I was bringing around 50 to the life jacket and boat grave yard, another 50 to the beaches around Eftalou, where the refugees arrived last year.

More than 200 will go to Molivos on Sunday. The village is suffering a lot from to little tourists as a result of last years happenings.



Next Wednesday 13th of July I do a peace walk from Eftalou to Mytilini. This is the route where refugees where walking last year. The peacewalk is necessary to transform energies and anyway always helpful for developing concioussness. Outside and inside. Everyone is invited to come.

After I will stay in Mytilini for some days.

Then I change my transportation to ferry to Turkey and bus to Izmir. Some days there.

The surprise of the retreat is, that I afterwards travel not to Iran, Tehran, to continue the peacewalk yet.

I will travel to south Turkey to the region of Hatay/Antakya/Reyhanlı. This is close to the Syrian border. Here I start a project ‚peacebirds for syria‘. The idea is to sent peace birds into Syria. People from around the world can sent peace birds with wishes and adresses to south Turkey, and we will arrange to bring them to people in Syria. To spread a new concioussness, hope, love and peace.

Further information soon here and on facebook.


Because of that I will stay a while in Turkey….. maybe some other countries in the area too…..

….And it is possible, that I continue the peace walk from Tehran towards east only later, beginning of very early spring, late winter 2017.







whats up



In preparation to leave the island of Lesbos/Greece to continue the steppps peace walk from Tehran east


I will celebrate a silence retreat for myself from 27.6. until 7.7.2016

In this time I am not reachable.


At the 10th of July I would like to distribute Peace birds in the village of Molivos. Therefore I need some helpers, maybe even with some preparation the day before?!!


2 or 3 days later I want to do a PEACE WALK from Molivos to Kalloni to Mytilini. This is the route the refugees where walking last year. Exact date is coming after the retreat. You are invited to join.


After that I want to travel back to Tehran.

unterwegs auf Lesbos

Eine kleine extra Pilgerreise hab ich auf Lesbos gestartet. Ich berichte auf facebook: steppps – peacewalk in englisch.