The peak

I could sent this donation request to some of my friends on WhatsApp, but until now, it feels like begging, or being misunderstood as a beggar.
I had so many support through my friend during the last 9 years.
I just cant sent this around.

The peak
Earlier I spoke about ‚a peak‘.
I guess, its hopefully the tension peak. Because I can’t really stand more than that tension.
It was an unspoken tension in the air. A tention combined from many factors. A lot to do with the (unknown) past, people dont know where to put the trash, also ignorance. A tention before a solution, which will hopefully now last long.
To the same time I developed a tention inside of myself, which is not really gone, I take care of it. This feels like a somehow karmic tension, which has now the chance to transform.

A peak, also, in the sence, that my time here is coming to an end or preparing for an end.
I am guided, so my mind does not always know, what comes next, but I can interpret the things happening around me.
It feels, there is still lot to do here, while a change already happened.
It feels a bit like, I have to be here another while, with my presence, to help the solutions enfold. To witness and stabilise the enfolding solutions to come.

I love to be guided and to be an instrument.

Thank you
Love Thomas

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