Visas and planing with so many different known and unknown options and possibilities makes me always a bit ‚crazy‘. Anyway. Application for Iran is done and for itself not complicated at all. Now I have to wait ….. 10 to 14 days. I wanted to travel through Irak….. Application takes 4 to 8 weeks and […]

19. January 2017 actuell

Hi friends, I left the Valley of Peace yesterday. See article below. Now I have another 4 weeks or so to concentrate on making more peacebirdsforsyria and to find people here in Jordan, who continue the project after I leave. Therefore I want to travel to some villages, towns and cities close to the Syrian border. […]

3 weeks in the Valley of Peace/Jordan

3 intensiv weeks at the Valley of Peace in the Jordan Valley in Jordan #ChildrenoftheValley   I arrived at Christmas (Qays picked me up at the airport and payed the Taxi) and stayed until yesterday, aroundabout 3 weeks. This will be again a little bit longer report. Relax and enjoy reading when you have enough […]