Two days ago I continued walking. I could not sleep all night long, came to sleep only at 6 in the morning. So I started only around midday. I walked to the south of the city, just ten km. I have a better room here. But Monsoon is giving his goodbye skywaters. It seems that […]


After some more days, another break…. …. I finally reach the Brahmaputra. Wow. What a river. So beautiful. So beautiful, sooooo beautiful. I find a little way towards the sandy river bank and sit down in the sun. Wow wow wow. The Brahmaputra is full of water and flowing so calm – and massive – […]

On the way / Monsoon / Visa

It seems that the weather is changing again. Actually monsoon is until the end of the month of September. Though it seems, that it is becoming dryer already? I can feel at my feet. They need cream…. Monsoon is a great time for my feet. They like it more humid. No cuts from dryness at […]

Assam, Bongaigoan

I feel very blessed, that I could walk a lot of way from Siliguri in West Bengal to here on small roads. Looking at the map I thought that I had to walk along the bigger highway, also because I had to reach at night always a hotel in some bigger place. But… often the […]

From Kokrajhar to Bongaigoan

Unexpected I stay 2 days in Kokrajhar. It’s the blister and general exhaustion after 36km walk. At the 3rd day it rained heavily in the morning, so I take that as a reason, to extend another day. Later it stopped raining at 10 or so…. but desision is made…. Jitendra supports at day three with […]