After some more days, another break…. …. I finally reach the Brahmaputra.

Wow. What a river. So beautiful. So beautiful, sooooo beautiful.
I find a little way towards the sandy river bank and sit down in the sun. Wow wow wow. The Brahmaputra is full of water and flowing so calm – and massive – in his bed. Sandbanks, island, greenery, soft hills…. makes it just gorgeous. And at this spot, there is nearly no one, nature at its most beauty. I am sitting in awe, fascinated by the beauty of nature and this holy river.
I move on and end up after some few 100 meter in a simple restaurant and order a Thali. This is white rice with some vegetables around and lentil soup. The lady here is great, she makes something more in the kitchen, some light fried eggpland at the side.
‚I wish I could stay here‘ and I remember my stay in Turkey with this nice family at there cosy and simple beach restaurant. In the end I stayed unexpected 3 weeks. This remembrance is a sign, that this place could be something similar. But where to stay here? ……
I phone with my friend Elisabeth from Germany and discribe the situation. Our conversation is short because of some disturbances.
Yeah, it would be so good, to stay here. My heart is yearning for it. Here I could finally relax, in nature, surrounded by nature and good air. This restaurant is also best with this lady, she is loving and caretaking for her guests, and I love simple restaurants like this, ok, it could be a bit more cosy, but it has this nice relaxing atmosphere, openess.
And, just when I wanted to leave, a man, around 50, 55 talks to me, and offers to stay at his place. Please, he said, just one night and you can go again….
My heart already jumps up… where, out of the nowhere this offer comes from, and my mind is also so happy, ‚oh, I can already arrive here today, I don’t have to walk anymore today…. sooo goood.‘ The friendly man says, sit down here on my table. I come closer and then I see: oh, he just want to start drinking. . He has a quarter liter of strong alcohol, already pulled from a small bottle to a glass beside… and I say: I am sorry, but I don’t like to stay with people who drink alcohol….. I apologise again, he feels a bit uncomfortable (but still wants to drink it) and I say goodbye to him.
This has really changed in the last years, I really do not like to be with people who drink. While leaving I feel convinced by my decision, also knowing, that I maid look back at this situation, regretting it?!
Because the remembrance of my Turkey situation in that hour had the information, that more could enfold out of this. Something really good, relaxing, enjoying, for all my levels. And all of me was so ready for it…………..

Already in Guwahati for 5 days now. From this capital of Assam I can’t reach the Brahmaputra with my whole being. Everywhere boats. Fences. But beautiful scenery. But all the parks at the river are closed (because of Corona?!) or construction work is going on. Some big machines have arrived to do heavy work for the future at the river bank. Some other area, there are government buildings and properties blocking the river. Fences.
I have a simple room in the Tibet hotel (big name, but not a Tibet atmosphere). The room has only a little window to a dirty outside area and is also dirty inside. Some area, especially the bathroom I cleaned already. But I can’t really relax here. I did a bit… ah… but…
The city beside the river is not communicating with me yet, and as I said, its not possible until now to connect with this beautiful Brahmaputra from this city side. I dont have enough power to look for something better…..

The only chance I have, is to be grateful, for whatever happens, for all the feelings, impossiblities, ‚good and bad‘ feelings to accept. To be grateful even for the not possiblity of relaxation, to accept the challenge as a gate opener for whatever comes. ….but it is a big challenge….

I tell you, that place, now 15km away, has been so gorgeous ….

Anyway: I could manage to meditate more again.
On the other hand… I am too much on the internet….puh

All together, since Rajgir, after the lockdown, I have walked 1000 km. I have a little misscalculation about the whole distance from Rajgir to Myanmar/Yangoon. Its some 300-500km more, so instead of 2400km all together, it maid be up to 2.700/2.900km (Rest 1.700/1.900). It’s today 7 month and 10 days until I want to reach the final destination…..

Step by step
Breath by breath
In the moment

In gratefulness
In Love
In Peace


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