The peak

I could sent this donation request to some of my friends on WhatsApp, but until now, it feels like begging, or being misunderstood as a beggar. I had so many support through my friend during the last 9 years. I just cant sent this around. The peak Earlier I spoke about ‚a peak‘. I guess, […]

Facebook post

This I posted today on facebook. Day 120 🌳 2.6. Clean Up Khujailokh river Moreh/Manipur/India/PlanetEarth A call for donation. I am excited. WATAM is on the way to bring there service to another level by offering step by step to more and more streets a door to door service. WATAM is transforming his waste management […]

One month has passed

More then a month has passed. I somehow feel, I have reached the peak at the clean up project about a week ago. With lots of tension inside (and outside). At least I had to change my way of working. I have to give more space for meditation and I do. Since about 3 weeks, […]