One month has passed

More then a month has passed.

I somehow feel, I have reached the peak at the clean up project about a week ago. With lots of tension inside (and outside).
At least I had to change my way of working. I have to give more space for meditation and I do.
Since about 3 weeks, my body/system gave signals and more and more often I had to surrender in more relaxing days week by week. So then I understood, that I have to change.
The weather is also now pretty humid and hot, so if I dont start in the early morning, then it has to be afternoon.

But there is still a lot to do.
Around ‚my house‘ there is always something going on. Some of the soil is flowing with the heavy rain. So more soil or pebbles from the river have to be filled up. The newly house has alredy to big cracks in the concrete.
I builded up a ‚working table‘ outside (from left over construction stones) for preparing meals and planting…. Because of the moving soil I already had to rebuild it twice. Not clear, if I give up on that.

Some of the sablings are coming out. Already 7 mongo’s make there way towards a tree. Sooo great.
Rest of the seeds, orange, dates, apples, a local tree, avocado take a bit more time. Excited.
And some watermelon came to the light.
I still continue to plant. Its fun.

The clean up project
I continued 5 days a week to clean up the Khujailokh river until I had to slow down a little bit, as written, since 3 weeks.
For me, the actually clean up, the really doing every day, is the best teaching for the people, I can think of.
It works on conscious levels as well as on unconscious levels.
Until beginning of May there was a collection point for trash close to the river bridge. Out of several reasons, this trash mountain grew. One of the reasons was me, cleaning up the river. The other, neighbor’s did not throw in the river, but added there trash there, some other people started not to burn there trash anymore. Some recycle material collectors from Myanmar could not come for a while, because of the coup. So piles of cardboard let the mountain grow. And other people, who did not know, where to put the trash, also added there stuff.
So the little tractor trailor of the WATAM NGO could not manage. The government in this town gives a shit about waste management, so a private NGO came into action, starting in 2016. WATAM’s original and central intention was, to clean up the messy bazar, but they are now extending to more service for the cleaniness of the town.
Because of this mountain of trash at the collection point two other NGOs stepped up, and organized to clean the point up. But also ‚closed it up‘ by spraying there, that from now on, there is a fee to pay, ‚law‘ by this both NGOs.
For my understanding, this was a popular but not wise decision. Because, where could the people put there trash.
Some even put it back towards the river.
It intensified the pressure towards WATAM, to do something. And I felt the pressure, too. People were really confused ‚where to put the trash‘.
And about 4 weeks later, the secretary of WATAM, Shekharjit hold a meeting with a local tribe organisation, to etablish a door to door service. This is now in process. First one street, directly at the river. Then other streets, especially at the channels, which lead to the rivers (and where people dump there trash also into) and so on.
Herefore WATAM now want to buy (this week) a truck. The tractor with the trailor is not able to navigate through the small streets.

My donation.
I decided to donate a bigger amount of money for the truck, because a door to door service is in fact the only solution. Everything else is a improvisation.
I had some ’secret‘ money, which I inherited in 2007, and I always thought, its not for me. So, during the time of the peace walk, I used it as a safety for health issues, somehow a private insurance to myself, but I never touched.
In 2019, for visiting my mother, I used a quarter of it.
Already 2 weeks earlier, in a meditation, I had a strong impulse, to give another quarter to WATAM, for the truck, but I did not immediately react on that impulse. But it came again. Now, already the money is transfered and it feels very right.
Beside its for a really good cause, its also a big THANK YOU for 9 years guidance and lots of help on the way, all time long on the beautiful blessed peace walk.
Don’t know yet, where the other 2 quarters will go later on, time will show.

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