9 Years

Today I complete the circle of 9 years (108 month) steppps peace walk. Germany to India (Myanmar just now out of political reasons not possible).
16 countries
About 24.000 km

I wanted to finish officially the peace walk. I felt a kind of vow I had given. I liked to be free of the vow.

Here I am.
Full moon tonight.

Here in Moreh/Manipur/India/PlanetEarth, at the border to Myanmar, I started a river clean up. Since 3.2. I just started, as reported, at the bridge of Khujailokh river close to the bazar in Moreh.

I report every day about the Clean Up on Facebook (Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel) if you like to follow. (Today day 84)

It is a lot to do.
And there is some progress.

In the mean time Khakhai builded me a house at the Lamlokh/Lailokh river. Since I moved in here, I feel day by day better and better to be here.
I even started a tree nursery yesterday. (I just feel to do so, so why not starting it, even while not knowing how long I stay?)
The Lailokh/Lamlokh river is a beautiful oasis of nature. Here, where I live now, its so fresh and pure (little further down the pollution starts)

Tomorrow, 28.4.2021, 9 years after doing the first steppps of this long journey, I will plant about 9 trees.
There, where I plant them, it’s a very complicated place. It was a total rubbish place. Everything is cleaned up now. Even though there is one water tank left, which the people (miss)use as a fire place. I clean that place up every day I am there.
People want change, but everyone sees the impact of ‚dramatic‘ change. Everyone need to change with there habbits, not to throw garbage eather in the river or to burn it.
And people also need really help, support from outside, living in such condition and surrounding.

Anyway, I am looking very much forward to plant these trees tomorrow.
The Forest department is supporting me with the sablings (as many as I wish to have).

The peace walk
I have the feeling, the peacewalk/peacework will not be finished. It just continues.
I just love this work/walk so much. And I love to continue.
I do not know (a little bit I know) where and how it continues. But its beautiful and I love to follow ‚It’s‘ plan.

I even dont know, how long I will stay here in Moreh (to my Mother I promised to come visit her end of June/beginning of July).
But signs are showing maybe other plans?

I love to follow my hearts advice.
I love to be with this work.
I love to be.

Thank you so much for supporting me all the years.
(Also post-walk news will be updated here)
Steppps is still alive and continues its work.

With Love

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