‚The Big Hug‘ is now completed

Wow. It’s completed. ‚The Big Hug‘ is completed. I wish all the people in this area all the very best. Now I am at a special place, close to Siliguri in Matigara, where the rain yesterday pushed me into a small kind hotel. This is a narrow area, which connects main India with Northeast India. […]

‚The Big Hug‘ is nearly completed

‚The Big Hug‘ nearly completed For every one who forgot. Since November 2019 I am walking ‚ The Big Hug‘ The big hug shall hug all the important places of Buddha’s and the whole areas around with all the people in it. It’s from Lumbini (Birth place) to Kushinagar (where he left his body) to […]


Puh Again 31km to the next Hotel, this time in Islampur. Also again the procidere: first to the police. The officer was very busy outside, so, after 11 hours since 6am on the road,  2 hours at the police station, another 1 hour help from police walking through Islampur, to find a hotel, which is […]

Last days in Bihar

Last days in Bihar. In Dagarua I speculated to get some help from the Police. The police was present, but the station is closed, because they have Corona cases inside. So no help from the Police here. I drive with a tuktuk some 8km back to the next hotel. Also in Kishanganj, 2 days later, […]


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Emotionally Rollercoaster

Every time I have to ask for another Visa, as these days, it’s for me a emotionally rollercoaster. It’s just so awfull. My upper stomach, my chest and my physical heart are in such a stress. A (somehow) trauma. I act not rational anymore. And because of all my inner alarm, so many difficulties arise […]

Wisdom (Vipassana 3)

Wisdom (Vipassana 3) (These articles belong to each other: ‚Bihar‘ ‚Concentration‘ (Scroll down) and this ‚Wisdom‘) Everything becomes Wisdom when it is experienced. With the step of Concentration (no thoughts about past and future, no craving and no aversion) you reach equanimity. A balanced mind. With this balanced mind you are ready to step down […]

I wish ‚I am free‘

I wish ‚I am free‘ I wish I am free from reacting to any abuse. So it would show me, that I have worked through of all the pain of aversion inside of me. I wish I would be free on reacting – to loud shouting and commanding tone – to agressive behaviour – to […]

Murliganj to Purnia

Big monsoon rain at the morning of departure from Murliganj. Police came 3 hours late, 8am. I had planed a northeast route through country side and it could have be done in one day, but departure time would be, because of 39 km, 5am. So I change the route along the highway, all together a […]


Fear How to deal with fear? This time is such a great chance to deal with fear, our personal fear and the collective fear. But everything starts with personal fear. Collective fear disappears after we have worked on our personal fear. Sit down and come back to yourself. After a while sense, feel the area, […]