Last days in Bihar

Last days in Bihar.

In Dagarua I speculated to get some help from the Police. The police was present, but the station is closed, because they have Corona cases inside. So no help from the Police here. I drive with a tuktuk some 8km back to the next hotel.

Also in Kishanganj, 2 days later, complete lockdown. Hotels are closed. So, again to the police. They help me with a phone call and extra permission.
Ways are long these days. And it’s not comfortable to walk always more, than is comfortable with me. But because of the Corona circumstances I can only walk from Hotel to Hotel.

Bihar ends for me in Kishanganj.
Even Bihar is called the unlawful state in India, and I had some experiences like this, I found a lot of good people. And this good people need the support, to make Bihar what it deserves to be. So there is some sadness, to leave Bihar….. it just touched somehow my heart, and the nature is so beautiful.

Some articles earlier I wrote about punishment, and if it is possible that Bihar as a collective could be punished. I don’t mean any God who is punishing, but the fact, not living according to universal laws makes the punishment itself.
And here is another thought.
Gautama Buddha, after his enlightenment taught the pure universal laws in Bihar. (Bihar comes from Vihar and that means monestary) All the universal wisdom was taught here. 250 years after, Ashoka, a first very cruel emporer, became Dhamma Ashoka and spread the knowledge through India and further.
Another 250 later – the Dhamma got destroyed by a lover of Hindu culture. Lots of monks and Dhamma teachers where murdered. I don’t know, if the destruction started maybe in Bihar, but of course there were a lot of teachers and monasteries here….  If unlawful (universal law) act like this and destroyed the teachings of one of the best teachers in the world, how can it not effect the society? If unlawful practice is still a part of life now, how can we be surprised, that paradise is not enfolding in Bihar recently.
The knowledge of Dhamma is back, also in Bihar.
May people come and practise universal laws and create a place of universal peace and love – here in Bihar.

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