what happend at around 5pm

Dill is calling. She wants come and see me. Dill I met on couchsurfing and she promised a few times to find me a place to stay. I have to go down to the reception, to get help for way description. In the lobby runs the TV showing a documentation about the Sami people in […]

3 days end of Ramadan – Eid fitr – has passed

Now I really don’t know what to do here, offer here…… how to get in connection with people, …… It does not mean, that there are no connections at all, but it always feels, ….. after a while, there is a wall rising up…… a wall not by the’willing‘ of the people, but a wall […]

today one week in Kabul

Dear friends. Yes it’s already a week in Kabul. When I woke up today, after a restless night, hiding in the heat under a sheet, to protect myself from lots of mosquitoes, it’s already very busy outside. The bazar is lively busy. A begger women is repeating continually in a suffering voice her interests. Cars […]

Ramadan روزه (fasting)

Ramadan – fasting I don’t know who reads no the blog most. Moslem, buddhist or Christian based people. In Ramadan the fast is for 30 days. Normally it’s 29 days. A full moon circle. Because different Moslem groups counted it different, there was a gab between starting and ending it. One day. There was a […]

Kabul day 3 and 4

Dear friends, I have to diguest here a lot. But I feel I am at the right spot. It feels right to be in Kabul. In Afghanistan. Still and for now. I am still in Spinzar Hotel. I figured out, that I have money for another week. Then I am at 0!!! Puh. That I […]

peace education

I wrote, that education is an issue in this country. And I thought of, how to improve a social and peace behaviour for everyone in the country. Reachable also for adults….. So one idea popped up. And I will bring it forward towards someone in a position to spread this idea. There could be a […]

2nd day in Kabul

Dear friends, I am learning more about being here as a foreigner. Read…. So yesterday the Kabul Ali could not help me. He was just to busy. So I decided to stay one more night in the Hotel (Plaza). I wrote some more people on couchsurfing, That would be a good solution. The once I […]


Good bye in Herat. I was there somehow in a ‚isolation room‘. Not a real window. Very warm room. Able to look at myself. Good. Flight to Kabul. It hurts me that I can’t walk here. Beautiful scenery down there at the ground, wonderful, seen from the plane. Arriving in Kabul is just great today. […]


Dear friends, I am still in the Hotel. Tomorrow I leave by plane to Kabul. The last days I relaxed and slept. But not all the time. One morning my sister reminded me, that the north route could be something really good. Means through Usbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgisitan to China and then into Parkistan. Or a […]

day 5 and 6 Herat

Dear friends, Yesterday I stayed all day in the hotel. I made peace birds from the paper I still had from Ali and Fatima from Fariman in Iran. I realize, the body is starting to make some little cramps, because there is no moving anymore. Today I went to the great mosque, the park at […]