Help needed

For the time after Germany I need your help walking through the flat areas in India. I wish that some of you maid walk with me or at least help energeticly, to make it possible. You can reach me easiest on whatsapp +30 698 0654542 Thanks Thomas

Germany V

Incognito I have the feeling, I am a bit incognito in Germany during this visit. Nor visible for to many people. Even though, sometimes I plan to see some one, but then something happens, and it is not possible. But I am totally in peace with this. Its a bit like I want to meet […]

Germany IV

Visiting my father I did go only after 3 or 4 days the first time. There was always an issue before, not being able to see him in the nursery home. Finally I saw him 4 days after my arrival. As I said, he has dementia, is not able to speak anymore, even though not […]

Germany III

7 years I have been away from Germany. Lots of things have changed in that period. private distance busses are now more avaiable besides the train company. more than 1 million refugees came to Germany, mainly in 2015/16. Refugees also came before, but this is a big amount. So many people where welcoming all the […]

In Germany II

Arriving in Germany In the afternoon at the 19.7. at around 4pm I was standing in front of the door of my parents and sisters family home. The house has 3 floors and a cellar. The two upper floors are inhabited with the family of my sister Conny and husband Jens. My mother lives on […]

In Germany I

Dear lovely supporting friends, its my honor to write to you today. I am sitting in a house of my friend Hans, who did recently marry Susanne. I can use the house and the frigde!! The house is in the very south of Denmark (kollund) very close to Flensburg/Germany, the city I lived, before I […]