Germany V

I have the feeling, I am a bit incognito in Germany during this visit. Nor visible for to many people. Even though, sometimes I plan to see some one, but then something happens, and it is not possible. But I am totally in peace with this.
Its a bit like I want to meet people, but to the same time, I do not want to meet anyone. Its not about the friends, its about me in this situation.
I feel a bit vulnerable with my issues to center and empower myself again. And for that, its so good, to be by myself.
Sometimes, when I am with people, I just cant stand the way of communication. When there is a group of more than 3 people, they have the tendency to talk simultaneously. I just cant stand it. My head just shot up in that case, often I dont follow the communication anymore at all. And in most cases, what is talked in this happenings, is not important at all. My ears are so sensitive andtotally overwhelmed with the sound, which is in that situation. My ears hear everything to the same time including other sounds outside of the conversation.
There was one example some weeks ago, when Wendelin hosted me in Flensburg. We were talking, while he used the clips to hang up his laundry. Any time, he took a clip from the box, there was a little sound arising, by taking the clip out of the box, touching other clips. For me, this sound was so loud, that I could not hear, what he was taking about.

Eating habbits
I am still not through with this topic. Since arriving in Germany, and before in Nepal after the last walk, I just eat to much. Sometimes I cant control it. I really want this good and tasty food and so often I cant stop in the right moment, when I am actually fed up, when my body even sometimes gives a silent signal, now its enough… but for something in me, its not enough. I want more taste, I want to eat more and satisfy my taste sences, to fill up my stomach until its real full. I am aware and observe….. Difficult one

After visiting Elisabeth, an ex of me, but still a good friend, she visited me last year in Ladakh, for some days in Worpswede (artist village in northern Germany), I will serve a 20 day Vipassana retreat in the south of Germany. I am exited to do so and get to know the only German Vipassana center. Until now I saw only Vipassana center in India and Nepal.
I know, I owe you all a summary from all my Vipassana experiences. Out of some reason, the time has not come yet. Sorry.

Best heart greeting
Thanks for reading

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