The last week in Jordan

Hallo dear friends. Finally I got my Visa. Soon after I booked my flight. But, like you maybe know from the blog (22.2.) it was again a try first. So again on the online platform, where I tried to book it, with every try it said: Sorry, this flight is already full, so I tried […]


#Birds without Borders (facebook) for Peace birds for Israel and Palestine. (you can find an instruction how to make peace cranes on our facebook sides or on youtube) This is a new initiative to send origami cranes to people in Israel and Palestine. As a peace greeting with Love and Peace from whereever in the […]


This is the official Text on facebook #peacebirdsforsyria (You can find a video how to make peacebirds on our facebook side or on youtube) From now on we have adresses in 3 countries to sent the peace birds. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan….   To make origami peace birds (cranes) became a famous tradition in Japan after […]

Amman, 22.2.2017

Dear friends. Being back in Amman I feel ready to leave for Iran/Tehran to continue the peace walk. Tomorrow and on saturday I can finish my Visa issues, so then finally I have my Visa in the passport. The flight to get to Tehran seems to become a „thing“. I sat hours on my smartphone […]

Ar Ramtha in the north of Jordan

Thomas writing: Today I decided to get back from At Ramtha to Amman. I had very nice hosts there. I decided – to let go of the effort to find someone specific to continue the project here in Jordan. Please continue reading. What does not mean I will not do anymore peacebirdsforsyria, but that I […]