I arrived in India again

Two smooth flights brought me back to India. (In flight and changing flights in Istanbul reminded me of knowing some turkish ☺) Coming into India, taking the airport train, still very clean – then changing in normal metro and busses to get to my friends in Mandi at the lower Himalayas – a whole day […]

Still help needed / Schedule updated

Steppps peacewalk still need your help. Because its not easy to walk in the flat areas in India and Nepal your help is needed to walk together as a group. Please join in the peace walk from this October on …. Scedule is updated at ‚Termine und Schedule…. “ on the left side If you […]

Germany VI

Dear friends, following my inner voice (‚go for the summer to Germany‘) I booked yesterday a flight back to India. – Summer started at 21th of June and ends at 21th of September -. I will leave Germany/Bremen at the 25th and arrive at the 26th of September in India in the very early morning. […]