This and That

Dear readers, I collected some infos, which I had not worked into different articles before. Kabul City is the capital of Afghanistan. It is surrounded by mountains and has also some mountains in the city area. General elevation is nearly 1.800m above sea level. Lots of houses are build at the steep mountainsides. The people […]

Royal Hostel VI

Already the night after the fight, I suddenly got a real deep pain in my body. It was around the time when everyone came back from the police. It was more or less from the sacroliac two lines straight up the body to two point on my shoulders. First I thought it’s from writing all […]

Royal Hostel V

I spoke with Attel about last night. He was called to the street, because bis brother Faiz was attacked. He himself got two times his on his back head, and lost sight two times but not consciousness. After the first round everyone thought, it’s over. But the others came back with 15 people……. I asked […]

Royal Hostel IV

Today I woke up and this was the day for starting cleaning one bathroom. The Hostel has 3 bathrooms and they are all big. So I hesitated to clean one. Anyway they get cleaned twice a day …. But it feels never clean in there. No real care taking. The guy who cleans has a […]

Royal Hostel III

The safety topic comes around the corner again. During my shock I reflected about the happening with the stalking feelings and the knife happening. Was that a sign for a more dangerous happening to come ?….. I share it with Attel additionally and he admits, that here and there is heard, that people here and […]

Royal Hostel II

In the First days in the Hostel Faiz was a lot with me, now Attel, his brother, becomes more into my focus. And we have suddenly so many good conversations. Yesterday I told him, when there is something, what I really miss on the journey, then it is real conversations. What it means, that there […]

At ‚Royal Hostel‘

Dear friends, After been so welcomed here it continued that I became more attention. I guess it’s mainly because I am a foreigner. And foreigners are rare here. And secondary that I am walking and working for peace. 24h hours are following where I feel my space is decresing. So many young men here, who […]

Visa completed

Again a five hour action at the main passport office in Kabul. Fee: 80$ today and 40$ yesterday as reported. But I have it now for another month. For foreigner it’s still kind of luxury. If you would have seen the crowds of local people trying to fix there issues. Just inhuman.

Already 4th of July

Dear friends and readers. Waheed did not answer the next day. Even though Dill told me the next morning, the driver of Waheed would pick me up at 9.30am, he did not show up. No communication happend.  So 3 days ago I started a new communication round. 2 days ago I saw him in his […]