Royal Hostel VI

Already the night after the fight, I suddenly got a real deep pain in my body. It was around the time when everyone came back from the police. It was more or less from the sacroliac two lines straight up the body to two point on my shoulders. First I thought it’s from writing all the articles in the blog without a rest in between. But it came just from one minute to the other and it did not go away….. I could not sleep very good.

But then the next night I got another also very strong pain. It felt, that a wooden peg is rammed into my third eye – all the way through to the back of my skull. It was not a pain for placing it there, it was a pain to have it fixed there. So again I could not sleep very good – and it was the first night, in Afghanistan,  where I felt, not being at the right spot. I woke up early at the next morning. Khalil, friend of Attel, has messaged me to leave the place, because the police would come for investigation next morning. And its not helpful for my host to have me there. So I packed my things, walked back into the city center to the government hotel.

The pain disappeared.

With the director I agreed to stay for 2 nights with a reduced price – as before – in the hotel. After I could move to his privat guest house, to stay there for free.

So I guess, this will happen today. Ahmad, the nephew will arrange everything later today. It feels like a new chapter.

There were also two others offers to get a place to stay…… one from the hostel cooks friend, one through Dills connection, but I was not ready for that.


During the last two days I heard that everyone was asking „where is Thomas?“. With Attel I will continue to have connection and after some days I will also visit the hostel guys……

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