Royal Hostel V

I spoke with Attel about last night. He was called to the street, because bis brother Faiz was attacked. He himself got two times his on his back head, and lost sight two times but not consciousness. After the first round everyone thought, it’s over. But the others came back with 15 people…….

I asked Attel why there was an attack at all? One of Hamids friends (dont know the name) did a really bad bad joke. They meet every day before sunset at the street. And there are always some younger boys playing. It is very uncommen in this culture that guys at the age of 20 or older hang out with young boys, nearly a no go. So this friend of Hamid, as I understand spread the news, that the boys can earn 1000 Afghani Rupies in the Hostel for some service…… That was the reason for the neighbours attack, but without clearing the situation before, by asking around, if that maid be the truth.

The police told them last night, to solve the problem by themself. So that everyone comes together with the elders of both parties to discuss about what happend. Faiz, Shahzad and Attel where inside prepared for a fight again. Faiz and Shaved had even metal fist rings with them. I really could not agree with that. Attel told me that the other party has to follow there rules to solve the problem. Paying the money for the hospital and other expenses….. giving 3 sheep’s….. and so on…… if there don’t do, that will fight again. But the other party is not from the same tribe….  that makes no sence. ….

Anyway others and me convinced them somehow to solve the problem by conversation. So this happend. First step is done. But is need for more conversation to be done. All is not solved yet.

Yesterday night, someone mashed 3 windows at the hostel. The idea was to blame the other party. Someone from the hostel guest told me, that everyone here would have lied to let this party look better. I can only shake my head. …….


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