Royal Hostel IV


I woke up and this was the day for starting cleaning one bathroom. The Hostel has 3 bathrooms and they are all big. So I hesitated to clean one. Anyway they get cleaned twice a day …. But it feels never clean in there. No real care taking. The guy who cleans has a hose and make more or less everything wet. And cleans the most urgent. Then everything dries by itself. It feels that the trash bucket beside the sink – emptied every day – has not be cleaned since one year. The water bucket beside the toilett, what everyone uses for washing after the big business looks even more messy. The western toilett, on which you should sit, has no seat and looks always dirty. All the bathroom has calcium deposits and looks partly brown. The doors have not been washed for….. a long time. The sink is also only hosed every day. The fittings have some millimeters calcium…. This part of the hostel is not inviting at all. It nearly becomes a ritual that I have or want to clean the bathroom where I stay. And while doing it is clearly a space creating ritual on more levels. Today I was allone in the beginning until 14h, then Attel, Hamid, Shahzad and another guy came helping. During the cleaning tools and cleaners for improved, so we could at 6pm nearly finish the first bathroom. Sooo good.

The cook Subhan made me some chips. Bringing my bowl back to him I saw Attel sitting in his office. Coming down from the first floor, just one minute later he was gone. I heard some noise from the street. Something was going on there. I had a look. Upppps. Some fighting was going on…… I saw that 2 guys throwing stones at the end of the hostel property over the 3 meter wall, or did they throw towards the neighbours property? Most of the hostel guests want to see what’s going or where involved. Who or how it started….? Maybe some guys came to Attels office I hear…..? Not clear…? Anyway, around 30 people where fighting or trying to stop others from continuing. Faiz had a red head taking two stone from the ground growing it behind some guys running away into another direction. Attel half involved tried to call the police…… lot of anger around. The fight stopped and started again. I was asked to go back behind the walls. Lots of others came back too. I took a shovel to bring some sand beside my room to the trash area, when Shahzad in rage tried to find something. He teared the shovel out of my hand. i tried to stop him but I am not strong enough, knowing he want to use it as a wappon. He was somewhere bleeding or had blood somewhere….. because I had suddenly a some blood on my arm. With the showel he went to the street. Inventing did not help. Shahzad has a little mental problem, the day before he did not have his regular tablets…. now he seems in the same mood. People tried to stop each other. Faiz seems to bleed also, he comes a few times to wash his face but then he goes again in fighting mood, in rage, in defending behavior? ….. with a very red head and rage to the next round….. Shahzad looked again for more wappons and finds a pickaxe. Luckily Attel brings him to another room. I quickly bring the pickaxe to hopefully safe place. Shahzad comes back to the scene and finds a saw. Behind his back he fixed the saw in his trouses and leave to the street. Davood arrived from the street and is so angry, that nowone helped him to get away there. …… The police arrives…… later in the evening everyone is asked to go to the police station to report……  until know, everyone came back but I don’t know yet what really happend. Attels and Faiz older brother came to my window and told me, guided by two friends who also work for peace, that I can be sure, that they always support me. We will talk later. It’s now 2am. Will see tomorrow.

Everything is quite now. Why someone had to brake to glasses an hour ago…… don’t have a clue……

There is so much tension in the country. Everyone somehow feels it, continuously or not.  When something happens it somehow exploited!!!???!!!

With Love and Peace and happiness


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