Royal Hostel III

The safety topic comes around the corner again. During my shock I reflected about the happening with the stalking feelings and the knife happening. Was that a sign for a more dangerous happening to come ?….. I share it with Attel additionally and he admits, that here and there is heard, that people here and in the neighbourhood are talking about my presence. He is not in fear. I am also again calm. But there is no extra security at the hostel entrance…. he thinks…… I also don’t want to bring anyone else in danger, I could take the offer of the hotel director……. I tell Attel from the dream I had, to be safe by moving every day to another place….. in this case to so many famous people, but in the dream I felt so exhausted by doing so…..  I continue, that I have a problem that the police in case of some happening would blame any Afghanian host generally, and that I try, that they don’t have any phone no of my hosts, because there are penetrating there citizens with calls any few hours……

I never told anyone, to bring me outside of Kabul. But I get here and there invitations. I don’t have a clue, if students from the hostel can overview and assess the situation wholesome incl. The safety situation for themself and the trouble that they could have with the police..   no that’s safe, that say and soooo nice people…. I like to believe… ..

Also Attel thinks of bringing me to the countryside…   if he knows how to get me there…. and if we can take his risk out of it….. I am even ok to play the dead and dump…. and I know I have no trouble being silent….. I could be a Afghanian from the way I look… in the streets they speak sometimes to me in native language…. surprised that I don’t speak Farsi, dari or peshtu….

Hasan, the psychologist, comes for a visit. He is such a nice guy and has always a lot of good ideas. He things holistic and we are happy to know each other. I report about my Visa issue and he already thinks of some solutions, how I could get another extension…. But he has to connect maybe to some people….  He wants to organize some of his friends to have a group gathering to talk about my peace ideas. I told him that I wrote some peace rules on a sheet of paper, some years ago, but I have not published it yet. My hesitation has a reason. Every time I like to write it down, I think, if people read peace rules, without being connected to the truth, so many misunderstandings or misinterpretations can occur. And I am affraid to share something incomplete….  He likes very much to listen to the peace rules I wrote down …. I read …… and he really thinks thats something for his group….. I am happy to come…… and he thinks I should publish them ….  (so something more to do)….   14 days ago Hasan listened to my money issues…. and so I feel, I have to tell him, that the situation is more relaxed now…… Every first of the month I receive some money from some beautiful friends in Germany….. and I am so grateful for that. On top of that I got a donation from Verena. Verena I know from Armenia. She was one of the volunteers of a partner project. I consider her, even she is a student and young, around 24, already as a wise person. When I tell Hasan, that she did sent me a part of her first stipends money, my voice stops for a moment, I am so touched and I feel very blessed…. thank you Verena. What an honour.

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