Royal Hostel II

In the First days in the Hostel Faiz was a lot with me, now Attel, his brother, becomes more into my focus. And we have suddenly so many good conversations. Yesterday I told him, when there is something, what I really miss on the journey, then it is real conversations. What it means, that there are 2 or more people sitting together, opening a space for listening and speaking from the heart. A conversation where there is no interruption and questioning, just listening with an open heart and trying to understand the other person, no judging. Since I walk or travel alone, this is such rarely. When we walked as a group, we always had sharings, and it always inriched our time. Anyway, now with Attel there is deep listening and sharing from the heart. I enjoy.

So some days ago he told me a secret story. (But he agreed later on, that I can write about it, even though for example his brother Faiz know nothing about it). It’s his deep love story. Attel worked for a while in a big constuction company in Dubai. The manager of the construction ingeniers is the father of his now love story. Attel was a facebook friend with his boss, when he got a facebook friend request from his daughter. Then the story started. After some month of chatting and meeting her, the family is Syrian, she had to tell him, and apologized that she did not earlier, that she is from a small religious group, called Druz. This group exists in parts of Syria (I heard first of this group while walking through the Golan heights in Israel, where some ex-syrian-villages exist) Anyway, Attel is an open minded being and moslem and had luckily no problem with her confession. The love story went on. After a while, the father found out, that Attel is not from the same religion. A no go for the father. The drama started. After a while there way went away from each other. Attel back to Afghanistan/Kanul, she back to Syria/Damaskus. But the love continued and is still unbroken. The mother of her tried a lot to soften the father, but there is no way. So there was whatsapp, Facebook and Skype to be in contact with each other. But also from Attels parents side, there are complications. But his mother is supporting him, she wants him happy, but with his father, there are long discussions. While there where separated and the love story maid be not makable with an happy end, sadly and lovefilled phonecalls with lots of desparate every days heard breaking tears, she cried every day he said, went on for month. They came to the conclusion to stop the daily calls, to hopefully stop the suffering. But the love bond it’s strong and it’s not attachment, it’s Love…… so Attel does not use his phone for internet anymore. But he writes her every day a message on whatsapp. So all the messages are stored, since four month. And one day, maybe in another 4 month, he will connect his phone again to the internet, and then all the messages will be sent to the same time…….   She also was it, who encouraged Attel to try a model carreer and to convince him to follow his old dreams to be an actor. (In his tribe, being an actor is the lowest acceptance in society). Attel said to me somewhen later, making peace birds, hearing from the ‚peace bird project to „Syria“‚ sound so sweet in his ears because of her. (Attel started to do more fitness again – to me he already has a trained body and a good handsome look – But he thinks there should be even more muscles….)

Our beautiful conversations continued and continue. The day is full most without planings, and somehow there is a space where we have a nice gathering in his office.

The hostel guest, continuesly gather in my room for peace bird making, drawing, relaxing between all the learning, to find out more about me or to think about peace…..

Attel reports that he had a lot of jobs. One was as a translater at the American army. Also some cousins worked as english translaters. There was an incident, where he witnessed, that a group of people became weapons to fight against another group. And ever this other group also got weapons from the Ami’s. He had to ask to understan how this can be useful, and just got the answer, that this is not his business……. As long the Americans are in the country, there is no peace possible – they don’t have the intention, he said. …… The cousins made the same experience. All are not working for them anymore…. At the end I just say: I think I continue making peace birds…..



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