What I like very much

What I like very much Finding something, what you can need. In this case, I found a glove. Proparbly someone lost it, another person picked it up, put it on a picnic table beside the Post Routen way. It was wet. But, surely, as it becomes colder, I need it. You can say ‚but it’s […]

Cycle repaired

My bike is repaired. Yippee I am so happy, that the XXL-Shop in Lyngdal had the needed piece. Also brakes exchanged. And the service was effortable. I am so greatful. Yesterday I had a crazy night, unrestful thoughts. Having the bike fit, relaxes me a looot. Also I trust my abilities, getting up the mountains. […]

Not at all – Norway

Peace Pilgrim in Pension – not at all. Friedenspilger in Rente – von wegen. Reaching the North Sea, I cycled north, meeting the Vestkysten route no 1 (west coast route) I followed it north. With the support of the wind, which came now from the south (very unusual at all, but to this time of […]

Bicycle riding and meditation.

Bicycle riding and meditation. For my birthday (31.3.) I got a used bicycle from my brother Ulrich, sister in law Kathrin, sister Conny and mother Inge. While being on the Canaries I was looking much forward to finally start cycling again. At the beginning of July I finally got the bike handed over. I had […]