What I like very much

What I like very much

Finding something, what you can need.

In this case, I found a glove. Proparbly someone lost it, another person picked it up, put it on a picnic table beside the Post Routen way. It was wet.

But, surely, as it becomes colder, I need it. You can say ‚but it’s only one‘. But I say: I can find another one, somewhere. This glove is for the right hands, could be a very little bigger, but it fits and will do the work.

Anyway, for the left hand I already have a working glove. I found a pair a year ago in Poland (some hundreds meters away from each other, fitting each other). While cleaning up Aaron’s Finca in the mountains of Gran Canaria, the right one gave up its life. I kept the left one for some trash picking.

But this left working glove will do it’s work, to keep me a bit warm on the bike, when needed.

I love it.

Maybe I’ll tell you some more stories of a similar kind. At the moment I remember 3 only from this journey.
I love it and it makes me smile bride.

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