Cycle repaired

My bike is repaired. Yippee

I am so happy, that the XXL-Shop in Lyngdal had the needed piece. Also brakes exchanged. And the service was effortable. I am so greatful.

Yesterday I had a crazy night, unrestful thoughts. Having the bike fit, relaxes me a looot.

Also I trust my abilities, getting up the mountains. Today 831m gained. Some days ago I was surprised to even managed over 1.100m during the day. ….and if I am not able to do it all the way, a make a break or even push a little. I am full cool about it.

I am again happy, to be in Norway. Things will turn out fine steppp by steppp.

The nature is amazing and enjoy the drinking water from the creeks. So delicious.

And I enjoy the cycle wanderer spirit. Soooo grateful.

Blessings to all of you

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