Valley of Peace, be a volunteer

This is Thomas: Still staying at the Valley of Peace, doing some fundamental work on building up a Peace Center, give help to birth it. I am staying outside all the time and do meditate and pray a lot for me and the Center with all his obst…acles and challenges. Maybe I will stay here […]

Israel rejected/ Now in Jordania

Thomas wrote – Magdalena translates: After a short stay in Jordan (10 days) I was rejected at the border to Isreal, no second entry possible. I had a Quran with me and a paper that allows me to do the pilgrimage to Mecca and the whole story about the PeaceWalk sounded strange to them. So […]

An Israelischer Grenze abgewiesen/Jetzt in Jordanien

Thomas schreibt: An der Jordanisch/Israelischen Grenze bin ich nach einem kurzen Aufenthalt in Jordanien (10 Tage) bei der 2. Einreise abgewiesen worden. Ich hatte einen Koran dabei, ein Papier das mir erlaubt nach Mekka zu pilgern und die ganze Geschichte bezueglich des Friedenspilgerns kam ihnen aeussert seltsam vor. Also, Stempel in Pass und raus, zurueck […]