8 years

8 YEARS!!!!!! Today Steppps Peace Walk 🌎👣🌏❤🌍 I walked until now to Bodhgaya, Buddha’s place of Enlightenment – and 70 km further northeast to Rajgir, where Buddha meditated in different caves. Now there is a beautiful Peace stupa build. Around 21.500km are walked. 2.500km are still to come until Yangoon in Myanmar. Now I face […]

Corona thoughts V

This virus is clever It shows us There are no borders But Nations now protect there borders and even close them When do we understand We are living on one planet There are no borders One human race Humans, animals, plants and minerals  We have to share the place – in harmony

Corona thoughts IV

This virus is clever It does not effect the kids. They carry it, but mostly have no symptoms. It effects the grown ups. The ones who are responsible for the world we live in now. It effects the western rich country’s most. The country’s who have polluted the world most. The country’s who are responsible […]

Corona thoughts III

This virus is clever It brings all the earth to a ’stop‘ The human world gets shaken. Human gets shaken. People who are not prepared are getting softened by staying at home allone. Immediate unexpected retreat. A ‚healthy shock‘ to think about, what we have done to the world, to us.        

Corona thoughts II

This Virus is transmitted to human kind through the animal kingdom Do we understand the message? Is this a cry out from the animal kingdom? We have taken lots of the living areas of animals. We have cut forests. Polluted the elements. Put animals in animal konzentration camps to make buisiness with them and eat […]

Corona thoughts I

This Virus ja very clever It comes to the lungs of human kind To let the human race feel, how it is, when you can’t breathe anymore Out of danger and fear the humans react And stop all there usual behaviours And suddenly Mother Earth can breathe again


For my birthday today I like to send Happiness around the world. May all beings be happy!!!! What’s about hugging a tree today. It’s always a blessing. I myself just completed a 30 day Vipassana meditation retreat in Shravasti in northern India, where Buddha himself taught during 25 rain season retreats. Also we are not […]

The big hug III

From Bodhgaya the direction is now northeast – towards Sikkim. Because of a little injury I had to wear my fancy expensiv barefoot shoes, but they produced some severe blisters at my hills…. so I will give them away. Leftover are only now my slippers, already once repaired and my ’nange paw‘ barefoot feet. From […]

Towards Bodhgaya

Bihar. In this Indian state everything is a bit different. First I am  walking along the highway, which is very taff. From Sasaram on I have a Chinese companion, Xi. After such a long time it is really nice to walk in company. After crossing the river at Dehri we were lucky to turn away […]

On Buddha’s foot steppps

After Buddha became enlightend he walked from Bodhgaya 230km west to Varanasi/Sarnath. Only then he offered his first teaching to 5 followers. I feel honered to be able to walk that path now in opposite direction. What a special event this is, for the steppps peace walk. ….. ….. It reminds me also to the […]