I have arrived….

I arrived in Germany today and surprised my mother and family. It was a real surprise for everyone.😊😊😊

How the peace walk could continue

From my experience from the last month, it’s just to difficult to continue the peace walk on myself. I think of having 3 to 5 or 6 loving beings supporting the walk. The street chaos and the poorness is energeticly to difficult to handle. Especially in the flat areas. The mountains are possible easier to […]

What to do in Germany/Europe

My coming to Germany will be for 4 to 9 month. More I don’t know. The voice in that full moon night said to me: ‚for the summer‘. It’s not a clear time frame, even though I arrive very close to the summer start on 21st of June. ( Official summer is until 21st of […]

Arriving back in Germany

First thing to do is surprising my mother. There is also my father, but he has dementia, so I dont know, if he realize me at all. I will see, if the surprise for my mother will work. Because I did not contact anyone, I can’t pre arrange something. The idea is, to get her […]

Lumbini and decision making

2 1/2 month in Lumbini lay behind. I stayed at the beautiful Korean Temple for almost all the time. Exept of a 10 day Vipassana retreat in the second half of May. It has been a challenging time. The first two weeks I thought it would be just generating time. Then I prolonged another week […]

Happiness is here and now

There is no way to happiness Happiness is the way

A Formula for a healthy life and world.

Its something to comtemplate and meditate on! Keep the elements clean!!! Inside and outside!!!

It Is inside

Actually I wanted only to greet and sent a blessing to all the Moslems, who start the Ramadan these days….. But a whole article arose: The big misunderstanding between the religions All the religions teach in there essence the same. Love and Peace – Nothing else And in our deep essence we all search for […]

7 years Germany to Nepal

Dear friends, It’s steppps birthday time. Two days ago, on the 28th of April, steppps had anniversary!!!! 7 years of walking from Germany to Nepal!!!!! 20.000 km are walked!!!!! 16 country’s are crossed!!!!! Another 2-4000 km are coming. 1-3 more countries.  Depends on the route.   Together with the project before, to walk in and […]

Letting go

Here in Lumbini I am again close to the school of Varun. From the last money collecting I gave him the rest of the donations, 200€, about 2 weeks ago. It’s for a sound system. When I thought about the school, still being in India in beginning of March, I witnessed a calm little voice […]