Nako to Chango

From 3.600m it shall go down to 3.200m. But by my surprise, the next loops go up…. only later the route goes more down. Here a little snowfall… At one shortcut I come along a kind of temple building worked into the mountain, Tshulung Gompa. Some old couple sits in front and invite me. But […]

From Pooh to Nako

Since a while the people as kind of pushing me. ‚You have to go to…. it’s only 30 km…. or …. 25km/38km. … as if they want to tell me ‚hurry up, later there are areas coming, where you have to stay longer, if you don’t go now,  you will not have enough time later […]

Pooh 2500-2700m

Climing up to Pooh, the villages lay here often further up, the road is closer to the river, I reached at a stupa at an outstanding place, first enjoying the view and resting/arriving. 100m further, my host request was welcomed and transfered to different people, until Santoosh took over. He had to go with me […]


Dear friends, I want to update this blog and I feel,  I have no words to write. Not that I have nothing to wright, but maybe, that, what could be announced, has no words….. To make it clear, not something big has happend (even though always big and small things happens) that I have to […]

Supporting the group

From the very soon future I want to be able to support financially everyone who comes to this group. Everyone who want to come to the group, should be able to come, even if someone has no money. If the commitment is there, this should be not a problem at all. I want to go […]


It’s very nice with Aparna. I am happy to be a part of a ‚mini‘ group again. After 5 days we walked 67 km. So that’s not very much, but somehow ok, because of the short cut from Mandi to Rampur. But sure it needs to be improved. Aparna is very commited and working hard […]

1100m up and a wish

Today I walked 1100 elevation meters up. Now on 2100 m. I found again some nice small roads with nearly no cars. The wish As I told you, I got really inspired that Mr Goenko offers free Vipassana courses. Since a long time I think of offering the peace walk for everyone who joins in […]

From Mandi to Rampur

I am on the way again. I found a short cut, so I don’t go through Shimla anymore. The way is a bit north of Shimla walking Mandi-Sundernagar-Rampur, through 2.400m mountain. Aparna from Kolhapur, south of Pune/Mumbai, is on the way to join me on the peace walk. She needs to get with busses and […]

Holger’s visit

After the retreat I meet Holger, a good friend from Flensburg, who came to Dharamsala to organize with Wolfgang and Jürgen, all from the ‚Tibet Initiative Deutschland-TID‘, the next visit of the Dalai Lama in Germany in September. Holger is also my former dentist and we founded together a mindfulness-meditation-group, which Holger still runs. 6 […]

2. Vipassana retreat II

Somewhen in the retreat I cought also up in me mind, here contemplating….. Again, as in the last retreat 4 month ago, I think of the Easter-silent-retreats I have offered before I started the peace walk. We had the element of ‚toning‘ inside where everyone sings from the center of the heart, whatever sound comes […]