‚Thank you‘ Practice

‚Thank you’… praxis To practice ‚Thank you‘ its very important to accept everthing what comes in you live with a ‚Thank you‘. Thank you for the experience. Of whatever it is. Just witnessing what is happening without wanting something different. And the deepest form is, to thank for the appearance of the sensations in the […]

Donation time continues

Donation times continues I wake up the next morning – so happy – inside. 5.30h. Again 30km through the forest mountains……. The Ali’s are ready to organize some breakfast for me, goodbye time. It gets warmer and warmer now. Monsoon is definitely gone. Lower altitude lets the temperature rise. I come along a beautiful small […]

Full of surprises

Full of surprises To continue walking I have to get bus and taxi, because during my stay in Shillong, and because of Covid19 everything is so complicated, I thought it would be a good idea, to walk some distance in advance. I did only 15km, so that needs to be covered up by transportation. Evening […]


Shillong I visit the Buddhist Monastery. There are two or three, but this one is towards the south, up the mountain. And I think, this is one of the best places in Shillong. As always or mostly, Buddhist Monasteries have often a very good location. Also silince can very mostly experience, and in this case, […]

First days in Meghalaya

The weather forecast is not right all the time. It does not rain that much, than it’s predicted. At the morning of friday, 25th, I leave the hotel. And I am very happy about the decision. Arriving at Byrnihat I have to get one village back by tuktuk, to stay for the night. At the […]


Two days ago I continued walking. I could not sleep all night long, came to sleep only at 6 in the morning. So I started only around midday. I walked to the south of the city, just ten km. I have a better room here. But Monsoon is giving his goodbye skywaters. It seems that […]


After some more days, another break…. …. I finally reach the Brahmaputra. Wow. What a river. So beautiful. So beautiful, sooooo beautiful. I find a little way towards the sandy river bank and sit down in the sun. Wow wow wow. The Brahmaputra is full of water and flowing so calm – and massive – […]

On the way / Monsoon / Visa

It seems that the weather is changing again. Actually monsoon is until the end of the month of September. Though it seems, that it is becoming dryer already? I can feel at my feet. They need cream…. Monsoon is a great time for my feet. They like it more humid. No cuts from dryness at […]

Assam, Bongaigoan

I feel very blessed, that I could walk a lot of way from Siliguri in West Bengal to here on small roads. Looking at the map I thought that I had to walk along the bigger highway, also because I had to reach at night always a hotel in some bigger place. But… often the […]

From Kokrajhar to Bongaigoan

Unexpected I stay 2 days in Kokrajhar. It’s the blister and general exhaustion after 36km walk. At the 3rd day it rained heavily in the morning, so I take that as a reason, to extend another day. Later it stopped raining at 10 or so…. but desision is made…. Jitendra supports at day three with […]