Sun is out

Sun is out In the early morning I prepare. First of all I have to take care of my feet. And I have a plan. And I tried it the day before…. One sock on each foot. Then I compress loose a shawl around. For my left foot I have a Pashmina shawl (goat beart) […]

In the snow

I use the 22nd of September to meditate. Two more days to Dat. And I want to meditate there more, in the Guru Rinpoche room. In. I am looking forward to it. As I wrote before, 2 times walking to Dat and two times this silent voice, that said: is your peace walk finished here? […]

Walking the triangle

Walking the triangle So I am sure to walk the triangle. The in June ‚in a vision I discovered a new pilgrims way‘ from Dat to Dehbrink to Pang and back to Dat. About 140 to 160 km (later I discovered, it’s 181km).  I still do not know what to do with the vision I […]

Being in Dat at the monestary

Being in Dat at the monestary Skarma has brought 3 days ago the promised mat and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Oh sooo good. All the food lays on the ground at the storage room, 3/4 of the room is full of food for the monk Rangdol, some of it is obviously old, […]

Wonderful Valley

Wonderful valley The morning is not rainy anymore. After a long vertical some hundred meter high and half a km long wall I turn left crossing the river by bridge into the valley which will bring me in proparbly two days to Dat. (Its already the 8th of September). The valley is outstanding beautiful. Most […]

I can’t make it

Slowly I understand, I can’t make it to Dat until the 8th of September. There I wanted to meet Skarma and Sumit at the little Monastery. We wanted to speak about my earlier vision about Morey Plains, they want to bring food and another mat…. But because of my earlier exhausement and what I see […]

Starting the walk

At the morning of 3rd of September I wake up and feel like in a state of koma. The intence retreat. …. in my bones….. How can I walk like this….. Konchok, my host, motivates me and I decide to start after midday. He wants to accompany me a bit. It is Monday and it’s […]

August Vipassana retreat

The reatreat happened from the 22nd of August to the 2nd of September. Coming there I am asked to serve the course. I really want to participate, to sit in silence the 10 days, because the technic opened up so many processes on different areas in my body, that I want to take the chance […]


Dear friends, It’s already the 13th of October when I do start updating the blog for the last 7 weeks. I am sitting in Skarma’s Ladakhi house on 3.300m elevation in Shushot Yokma, 12 km outside of Leh/Ladakh/India. The sun is shining bright outside, its around 11am, the snow toppef mountains are also shining in […]

Elisabeths visit – in german

Elisabeth hat mich im Juli in Ladakh besucht. Hier ihr Report in Deutsch: Thomas stand tatsächlich am Flughafen in der Früh ,mit Rucksack direkt von seinem Pilgerweg kommend  aus Stille und Natur, um mich willkommen zu heissen in Leh! Das war grossartig. Und das war auch die ganze Zeit, die ich dort mit ihm verbringen durfte. Thomas […]