Tanglang La and Morey Plains

There was one more interesting topic I spoke with Konchok, the monk. About the whole population of Ladakh with a bit more than 117.000 people. Half and half by Moslems and Buddhist.  Because Moslem population is growing so quick, because they make so many babies and sometimes marrying Buddhist girls, who convert into Islam…  some […]

Meeting Konchok

In the meantime I have learned, from the distance signs, that from the last village Rumtse before the Taglung La Pass and the first village Dehbrink behind the 5.330m Pass its 55 km. Sumit said it’s maximum 45 km, what’s a very long walk for one day, incl. 1.160m climing up from 4.170m until 5.330m. […]

walking – chanting

The Buddhists turn around the Stupas clockwise. The Muslims always turn against the clock. Where does it come from? Knowing that the earth turns east it seems, that the Moslems have the right direction. But this is a way of looking on or into it. Facing the planet from outside, from the univers, with the […]

leaving Leh

Last morning I went again to the Stupa. Sooo good. Packing and then we met with some friends for breakfast at Sumits and Tanri’s cafe. No-one could leave early from Leh, so also I can’t. Sumit gives last instructions where do bring or let bring the tent and camping gears After using, which I can […]

one week more in Leh/Lahdakh

Dear friends, I am still in Leh. Surprise, also for me. After organising everything for the next 475km, after meeting new friends, after writing all the articles in the blog, I felt, that I have also to rest. Just resting. And I did. So good. So tomorrow I continue walking and from tomorrow, I am […]

no internet for the next 4 weeks

Dear friends. For the next four weeks I do not have internet. I am walking 475km through the Himalayas crossing some high passes. But following a street. So don’t worry. I got fantastic help from some people who know the area. So they lent me tent and sleeping bag and mat. Got also very good […]

The Stupa in Leh

Welcoming in Leh was just great. Lots of thinks came together here. Kesava organized a place to stay. And new friends showed up. Also Katarina and Lukas, cyclists, which I met earlier on the road, are still in Leh. ……. But the most amazing ‚thing‘ in Leh is the super beautiful walkin Stupa. I earlier […]


Religions have to permanently bring the evidence, that they teach Love and Peace. Love and Peace is the basic every religion is embodying. If we can’t see the evidence of Love and Peace in a relegions teachings, it’s not a true teaching…..!!!!! ———- Every religion has the responsibility, to show the people the way to […]

to Leh

It’s still 36 km to Leh. So I say good bye to Kesava. I will see him tomorrow. I can’t walk that far and I started the day to late for this. After seing the Zanskar river flowing into the Indus the street went up to Magnetic Hill. After I thought, I am on the […]

The way of the heart

The journey continues. After some km two different ways. One is towards Alchi, a old monestary close to the Indus. One is along the main road. I kind of feel attracted to see Alchi, but it’s early and it’s not far and it would mean, to stay in Alchi….. I ask my heart, what to […]