So good to walk on Mother Earth

Walking to Purola from Mori its so fun taking short cuts. One of them is a long one, where I lost the path after a while. I orientate myself on the sun. The mountain area becomes very steep. So I have to climp through the jungle in the hope that I don’t have to go […]


Feet I did 11 days without shoes, walking barefoot. For the beginning a good result. In fact, sure, I walk less km than with sandals. I will give myself more time … if it needs. Every morning after waking up my feet is in a kind of cramp. Not a physical cramp but somehow a […]

Mori and Swami Abhishik

All day long I walk with flipflops. The nature is soooo beautiful. The river is clearly coming with its turquoise colour from the glaciers. Along the river beaches white and glittery sand and big stones, washed in the monsoon,  when the water level is so much higher. Green vegetation of all kind the mountains up. […]

Which way

Coming to Tiuni, entering another State Uttarpradesh from Himachal Pradesh I can feel the difference. Electricity is not working properly, internetconnectivity poor, the first impression of Tuini at night, what a bazar, feels like only shacks here…. Again I got a hotel invitation. I just said to me supporters, looking around ‚in the middle of […]


The following days I ofter cried in the morning doing my first kms. Today it was because of rubbish laying around and also weeping out the smell from the night. Together I could say, tears are rolling out of eyes and nose because of clensing. From now on people passing by, stopping for selfies….. some […]


I feel a bit exhausted,  but because of the dirty blankets, I can’t stay for a relaxing day. So I decide to walk very slow. It goes downhill now for a lot of time towards Rohru. Here and there I sit down and at the end of the day I will have covered only 7 […]

The first days

2 1/2 month I walk barefoot now. Now I want to walk also barefoot on the peace walk incl the 10kg backpack. I am exited if I can manage. From the village of Bhadrash (close to Rampur) I start walking the around 400 km ‚gab‘ towards Haridwar/Rishikesh. I am still in the Himalayas and have […]

Back home on the peace walk

The last day in Mandi, last day of ‚arriving time‘ back in India, I went to a river beach behind the market area. I see a man, bringing a bag full of rubbish, emptying it right there. I was a bit to far away to say something. I roam around there a bit. So beautiful […]

I arrived in India again

Two smooth flights brought me back to India. (In flight and changing flights in Istanbul reminded me of knowing some turkish ☺) Coming into India, taking the airport train, still very clean – then changing in normal metro and busses to get to my friends in Mandi at the lower Himalayas – a whole day […]

Still help needed / Schedule updated

Steppps peacewalk still need your help. Because its not easy to walk in the flat areas in India and Nepal your help is needed to walk together as a group. Please join in the peace walk from this October on …. Scedule is updated at ‚Termine und Schedule…. “ on the left side If you […]