India is crossed


At the 22.11.2020 I arrive in Moreh, a dusty border town. I have crossed India. Wow.

On Facebook I write
I arrived at the border from India to Myanmar.
Here I am open for a miracle. Because border is closed. Visa is not there yet.
8.420 km I only walked in India/Nepal in the last 3 years.
23.434 km since I started in Germany 8 years ago.
Myanmar is the last country on the official steppps peace walk.

David hosts me for the first 2 days. Then I do stay in a simple hotel, I call it a hole, because it does not have a window and it makes me depressiv.
Finally I move to a Rest House. It is owned by the government of Manipur, Electricity department. Its just great here. I am here now already 2 weeks, I enjoy the big room, bed with mosquito net, and the silent at night. Fresh air and the kind of garden, a pavilion…. good place for resting.

The Immigration officer at the border has started a request to the central government, to open the border, Indian site, for me, so that I can walk over the little bridge to the other side. After that allowance he can request the Myanmar side officially. Because of Covid19 and a lockdown in Myanmar (until 15.12.2020) the border currently closed.
Sadly, after 3 weeks in Moreh, there is still no answer.

In the mean time I did rest. And again, lots of things came up, in my body and mind, and I don’t have a clue, where it all comes from. But there are levels and levels of stuff, who needs to be diguested……

Since yesterday I feel, that I come to another stage now, where I can actively do more now, for getting the Visa. Lets hope.

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