Thomas writes: 3.500 km are done in and for peace We have some readers from Indonesia – surprise and hallo – do not now anybody there 🙂 Magdalena and Paulin are on the way – there are around Sofia hitchhiking further to Istanbul Maria, sister of Annelie, is coming for 3 weeks, arriving 2.4. Visa […]

Just a normal day :-) / ‚Please come back‘

Thomas writes: Walking a title for a new article arised: Just a normal day!!! The idea was to write about what happens just at one normal day!!! But having no access to internet the next day was even worth to be reported …. and having no access to internet…… and so on. It is impossible […]


Thomas schreibt: Position Akçakoca heute -1. T-Shirt-Tag, der 5 warme Tag in Folge, gestern viel Regen es geht mir gut die Karte kann ich leider momentan nicht aktualisieren. Haselnusshaine mit kleinen Knöspchen, erste Blaetter trauen sich raus. Magdalena und Paulin sind auf dem Weg – ab heute per Anhalter Morgen in Graz steppps Treffen mit […]

Peace Ambassadors are coming back to steppps:)

Magdalena writes: Hello dear friends   It is a while since I wrote here.  After an intense time in France, Austria, Germany with a lot of ideas, with some ideas that were growing over my head, after some difficulties and troubles to figure out what are my next stepps I made my decision. What a […]

Between Kandira, at the Black sea at an organic farm

Thomas writes: We arrived here two days ago. Location is north of Ismit at the Black Sea. Phap Khi, Andrew, some days also with Ken, we walked from Istanbul to here. The weather is still cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy, also 1 or 2 days rainy or a bit of rain. Sometimes stepping through mud […]