Peace Ambassadors are coming back to steppps:)

Magdalena writes:

Hello dear friends


It is a while since I wrote here.  After an intense time in France, Austria, Germany with a lot of ideas, with some ideas that were growing over my head, after some difficulties and troubles to figure out what are my next stepps I made my decision. What a wonderful and sweet feeling it is, to make a decision and to be focused again into one direction. I felt, when there is too much open space and too much opportunities, energy easily gets lost and there is no power anymore to do one thing properly. So, when I decided a bit more than four weeks ago to join Thomas again, to walk again with steppps, to walk for peace I was really happy and relieved. From time to time, there came up again the question if it is still the time for me to walk or if it is getting time to look for a place to stay and I feel my heart is getting ready to stay somewhere, but it is not complete. So I am really happy to return, especially after my quick and unplanned Goodbye in Bukarest last October. Walking again, walking for peace inside and outside, walking on mother earth, walking in Turkey, walking in a group,  walking in meditation, walking in mindfulness, walking for pure walking, walking towards people, walking towards more understanding, walking in trust.

I feel clearly that with steppps big changes came in my life, new views, new ways and ideas for living, new insights to myself…and now I will continue.

And yes, I will not come alone:)

So just tomorrow we will start directly from the door near Nürnberg to hitchhike to Istanbul and than further to where Thomas will be. On the way we will meet Michael and Susanne in Graz (who walked with steppps too and who are connected all the time), couchsurfers, so much people to share with. Zagreb, Belgrad, Sofia, than some days in Istanbul, with the good hosts of Thomas – lucky us that we can stay there too.  Step by step we will come closer, avoiding to fly…because we have the time and for me it is feeling like a little gift for nature to do it this way.

I will be happy to write to you again, to share with you what is happening to us during this wonderful journey, about all the good we discover, meet and learn.

Warm springgreetings from the heart!

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