Reunion in Mandi

Happy meet again in Mandi with Sangeet, Tanu and there son Devgeet, and parents. Unexpected I reach a day earlier than thought – after a long walk of 41km. The way from last year summer/autumn is now connected again. Smile Any feedback or question Facebook: Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel Facebook: steppps peacewalk Email: Whatsapp: +30 […]

Dying Cow

Shortly before the village Gumma I see a cow lying in the concrete ditch. She must have been here for days, lying on the same position. Her excrements shows, that she did not drink for days…. hmmmm what to do. Understanding the whole situation some people stop by…. I have a bottle of water, so […]

Monastery Palpung Sherapling

2 days later I arrive at the Palpung Sherabling monastery. I saw earlier on the map that there are some stupas and closed by a stupa guest house. The next day I convinced the owner of a reduction, but for free I can not stay. The guest house is so beautiful. I did not know, […]

From Peace to ‚drugs‘

At about 11 am I left the ‚Karmapa‘ temple in beautiful state of peace. A love the area and nature here and further on. I always get to walk at least half a day on the very small side roads so I can enjoy all the beauty. Trees. Terasse fields. Spring energy. Clear air. Snowy […]

From the Dalai Lama to the Karmapa

I left McLeod Ganj today. About the place, where the Dalai Lama has his residence I will report later. I have not all puzzle pieces together, I feel. I am coming back there in 10 days, having another Vipassana retreat close by, and I will stay some days after the retreat, to meet Holger, a […]

towards Dharamsala

After nearly 2 weeks staying at Sunils and Reenas house I finally had to say goodbye. The view towards the snowy Himalayas welcomes me while leaving my ‚part-time-home‘. 2 days of very beautiful landscape followed. I was just amazed by this beauty. The hills went already up to 800m. I felt blessed to be on […]