From Peace to ‚drugs‘

At about 11 am I left the ‚Karmapa‘ temple in beautiful state of peace.
A love the area and nature here and further on. I always get to walk at least half a day on the very small side roads so I can enjoy all the beauty. Trees. Terasse fields. Spring energy. Clear air. Snowy mountain views……

Just before sunset I arrive in a tea growing area at Gopalpur. In general the farmers left lots of trees standing in the tea fields.
Manu invites me to his house. His two sisters have already married, he is the only son und stays with his parents. Soon we end up sitting in his friends Kaku fancy car  and Kaku’s girlfriend. They drink some little alcohol and smoke bidi’s…. that’s ‚what I love’…..
Kaku invites me at least 10 time to his house, finally I agree for the day after. It’s directly on the way. He boast himself up, that his father is so rich, they have a huge impressive villa and I can ask them for anything. I could stay however long I want, even 20 or 40 years….. If I need money, no problem, and and and.. …
I survive somehow the happening. This night I learn how sensitive I became. Because Manu’s mother thinks, the room we had to sleep in, should be a little bit refreshed, Manu spayed some room refresher in the air. When I entered the room later on, I hardly couldn’t breathe. So we went to another room one floor up. And we had to sleep in one big bed together. The bed was so big, that there was nearly a meter between us, but I still felt the alcohol on my tongue (I did drink nothing) Also the room refresher clued on my tongue. I slept away from his breathing direction….. still the taste in my mouth went on for another 24h. ….
At the breakfast Manu’s mother speaks all the time with me in Hindi. I don’t understand a word. Because she does not stop I just answer with some fantasy language, then she burst into big laughter…. she continued in Hindi, I in fantasy language, she burst into laughter again….. we continued for a while….
The day I enjoyed the nature again, finding out, that I was re-invited by boasting Kaku. It was, yes, sooooo important to him that I meet his parents……..

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