Some days ago Mustafa treated my feet with Henna. He himself uses Henna to strengthens his feet also against blisters. So I started the experiment. 5 hours Henna paste at my feet made them look yellow-orange-brown now. First I felt no difference. But I feel a effect on my heels now. Usually, as soon as […]

we are all connected or how the univers caretakes

This are some beautiful examples how we are all connected….. The distances between the cities or villages become bigger. One of these days I realized,  I have to carry more than 1/2 a liter of water. I was thirsty. Really needing water. But also knowing, that I can manage a day without any water too. […]

Semnan to Damghan

Hasan was surprised. He wanted to bring me with his car towards the exit of the city east. But. I always continue walking where I stopped before. There is until now no interruption all the way from Germany until here. (Except my sideway to the middle east because of political circumstances) Everything is walked step […]

break day in Damghan

Dear friends. Because I can’t use Facebook in Iran I opened a account in Instagram. You can follow nearly daily fotos and little reports. Adress : schmockelthomasheinrich It’s my second rest day and it’s sleeping sleeping sleeping time. I want to keep you updated with my km done and to go. Until Damghan I walked […]

hugging a tree

At the 31.3. Is my 55th birthday. This year I have a special wish. Please go and hug a tree, for you, for me, for the tree. In honour and respect for mother nature and this beautiful world. If you like please let me know where in the world you huged a tree. And also […]

After 7 days / my biggest challenge

I have had no break day yet. Latest after tomorrow it will come. I have to walk more km than usually when I walk. It’s again because of Visas. In Iran I get max 3 month Visa. Until the finish of the first 2 month I have to be in Mashad – also for the […]

After 7 days / review

Hi friends, I do walk now since 7 days towards east. Towards Mashad and the Afghanistan border. Iranian people are just great. Generous , inviting, hospitality, curious , helpful, ….. Beside the invitation in there houses for sleeping its the little things what makes our world so wonderful. So people stop with there cars just […]

the Koan developes

Step by step Breath by breath Gliding in Presence


My host from the first two nights didn’t miss a chance to show there generosity. I got a new bag for my singing bell, orientalic fabric to sew my trouser, dates, nuts, raisins, two covers, and even some money. See more at instagram schmockelthomasheinrich

towards east

Finally. Yesterday, on the last evening in Tehran. It was quite magic. Just before sunset suddenly the air went so clear. The view was free to all the 4000th mountains at the north of Tehran.  Covered with snow. So beautiful. Directly after sunset the full moon appeared in the east. The air was so clean […]