One week Antakya

Arriving time in Antakya. For some days I stayed in some pensions/hotel. On the way to move forward to a free accommodation I moved toward cheaper hotels. Finally I got offered a place to stay in a apartment.  It’s rented by five genç (young men) who spent there free time there. Playing cards, watching movie’s. It’s […]

Tomorrow by bus to Antakya

I continue travelling by bus to Antakya area tomorrow. Any free accomodation offer is warmly welcome.   My friends: I stayed now about 10 days in Konya at the beautiful sofa and art restaurant. Ebru and Ömer are wonderful hosts. Big tanks to them.   I was and I am still tempted to walk again. […]

Why I loved Beach Cleanıng

Just a short explanatıon. I want to do some revıews back to the tımes ın Lesbos Greece I stayed 8 month there to help wıth the refugee sıtuatıon. After workıng wıth the trash at the sıdes of the street and ın the refugee camp OXY ıtself I got more and more ınvolved ın organızıng the […]

Walkıng – Not walkıng ?!?!

Its weard not to walk. On the way by bus from Izmır to Konya…. I felt often the need to get out of the bus and walk. Especıally the last 150 km before Konya ıt got stronger. Also last nıght, when I thought about future plans, I had the strong feelıng of – wantıng to […]


Dear frıends, Whats goıng on? Whats up? I am ın Konya. The cıty of Rumı/Mevlana. Before I had a good week ın Izmır. In the moment I am not walkıng – but feel a longıng for ıt. I concentrate on makıng Peace bırds for Syrıa. There ıs also a sıde on facebook ‚peace birds for […]