Dying Cow

Shortly before the village Gumma I see a cow lying in the concrete ditch. She must have been here for days, lying on the same position. Her excrements shows, that she did not drink for days…. hmmmm what to do. Understanding the whole situation some people stop by…. I have a bottle of water, so we try to give her some, but she does not want to swallow it. One of her Horns is broken, blood dripped out earlier. One of the helpers mentions that he thinks, the spine is broken, so she can’t stand up anymore. Proparbly hardly hit by a car. At least 4 guys tried now to lift her up…. the cow did not help a bit…. We agree, that she is on the way to die.
Because I have more time, I stay with her a bit longer. I do some toning and ritual to show her the way out of the body. She is totally exhausted, but not yet ready to leave. It’s starts raining, cold rain with a little bit ice in it, 1700m high…., after a longer while I also have to leave….. I cover her body with some hey, which someone must have brought earlier… luckily I find a office of a veterinary in Gumma, but the doctor is somewhere else. I leave a message through a shop keeper close by. I hope, the cow gets help soon, because lying in that ditch, it will be so uncomfortable to lay in the cold running water.

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